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Parking Sensor Fitting

We’re based in Sutton serving areas nearby in London and Surrey.

We supply and fit ParkSafe PS540 Intelligent system parking sensors.

Evaluate the distance between the front and rear of your car using a parking sensor or dashcam. Our sensors tell you when an obstacle is in your way while parking and help reduce parking damage. This way you can drive safely knowing that you have a dashcam to help you see the front and rear view.  So, if you live in London and need a parking sensor fitting, SP88 is your best bet. We offer the best parking sensor fitting in Sutton, serving areas nearby London and Surrey. You can trust us to supply and fit ParkSafe PS540 Intelligent system parking sensors.

These sensor types are the best-looking retrofit sensors in the market. They do not require us to drilling or remove your bumper to install the sensor. With ParkSafe PS540, every fitting is neat and works effectively.  The supply and fitting of our sensors come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. They are waterproof, freezeproof, and height and sensitivity adjustable. With the flick of a switch, you can install this parking sensor on tow bars and spare wheels.

Ranges Of Services

Rear Parking Sensors supplied and fitted from £120.
Front Parking Sensors supplied and fitted from £160.
Front and Rear Parking Sensors supplied and fitted from £260.
Have your sensors painted to match for £30.

Are you in need of high-quality, professional, and friendly Mobile Vehicle Parking Sensors supply and installation service near Surrey and London? Trust SP88. We supply and fit ParkSafe PS540 Intelligent system parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultrasonic parking sensors use high-frequency sound waves to detect objects. These sensors emit low-frequency acoustic pulses that report reflected sound off nearby objects to a control unit. The controller calculates the distance from your vehicle to the object. The system then warns the driver via an audible alarm. Rear parking sensors require a working Reverse light, and if that’s going to be a problem, our Auto electrician is ready.

We rarely remove any bumpers. We mark where the sensors will function well and be symmetrically and aesthetically pleasing. Four holes are then drilled in your bumper with a special drill bit for accuracy. The wiring for the sensors is neatly hidden behind the bumper and feed into the vehicle. An audible buzzer is fitted in a location so it can be easily heard but not on display. Finally, we take power from the reverse lights or an ignition feed for the front. Our final work is neat, and you won’t see any wiring. 

No matter your experience or skill, there are blind spots you may miss while driving, especially in tight spots. You may find it difficult to maneuver in a tight spot without hitting something. This is why you need front and back eyes that can help you get the job done. Our sensors are ideal and will keep you and your vehicle safe.

In a few hours, the entire procedure will be complete. Whether you are installing only the front or both front and rear sections, once you are ready, it takes only a few hours, and we will complete the entire procedure.

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PS540 ParkSafe Back-Up Alert Sensors


Park Safe Back-up alert (Tow-bar compatible) incl. 4 Sensors/Buzzer (12/24V).

“Product Installation Cost: £100″

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