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Mobile Auto Electrician

Are you experiencing a fault with your car?  Our mobile car electrician can visit you for £35. 

Included within the call out charge there’s up to 45 mins labor to identify the issue.

We offer Diagnostics and Repairs and Accessory fitting. Our mobile auto electrician well be ready.

We offer Mobile Service

Have a Mobile Car Electrician in Sutton, Surrey visit you, usually same or next day  from a non start, diagnostic inspection, brake replacement, door mirror replacement service and more. Our mobile car electrician is experienced, professional and courteous. Over 90% of repairs are done on site at a time and place convenient for you.

Our Mobile Car Electrician in Sutton, Surrey specializes in car accessory installations. Relax at home whilst having Parking sensors, Dash Cams, Reversing cameras and more. We also offer packages so you can have discount when fitting multiple accessories.

We are based in Sutton, we offer a mobile car battery replacement service to areas nearby in London and Surrey.

Offering value and efficiency our mobile auto electrician.

  • We can Jump start your vehicle
  • Test the Battery and Replace the Battery as required. 
  • Test the alternator charging output.
  • We’ll also check the condition of the auxiliary drive belt 

Call us or message us, we’ll get your a price for new battery with a three 0r five year warranty. Best of all we’ll fit it for our call out call of £35

A car or van breakdown can be at the very least annoying. Let us help. Remember we come to you, our mobile auto electrician serves Sutton and areas near by. 

Our call out charge from £35 includes the visit and 45mins of diagnosis. 

Our service is more convenient than a visit to a auto garage service because:

  • We can show what we do easily.
  • We help you source the correct replacement parts cheaper. 
  • We won’t take on any jobs we aren’t comfortable with.

Buying a new car can be difficult if you don’t know a lot about the mechanical workings of a car. 

How often have you heard that someone bought a car and later found significant issues. Our Auto Electrician can find hidden electrical problems.

This is why we offer a pre purchase inspection.

  • We can view the car on your behalf.
  • Don’t risk missing issues not reported by the seller.
  • We can view the car at the dealership or their drive.

The depth of Pre purchase inspection depends on the level of service you require. Our Premium service covers up to 226 points around the vehicle – within this check list, all visible mechanical parts and electrics are tested. We can also check for and existing fault codes.

We’re here to diagnose and repair faults with your electric windows. Based in Sutton we come to you in near by areas. Get in touch. We replace window regulators, motors and switches and some window regulators can be repaired. We also repair wiring faults, the most common fault is the door wiring loom wires breaking near the hinge. If your window is stuck down, we can help. Our call charge is £35. We can get the glass back up temporally. 

We believe we could save you at lest 35% off the bill at a Main Dealer. We supply parts with one year warranty.

Auto Electrical Repairs

Do you need to visit a car electrical repair shop? No need we come to you in areas nearby in London and Surrey. Firstly, we are happy to offer over the phone advice. Our car electricians diagnose and repair electrical faults or replace components in motor vehicles. Once the problem has been identified. We can source and fit new electrical and electronic parts at a fair price. Most note worthy our car electrician in Sutton, Surrey uses specialized equipment to take fault codes and actual data from the vehicle to identify faults.

Our mobile car electrician has the skills to correctly interpret information to prevent incorrect diagnosis of faults. Most importantly we can stop you needing to visit the main dealer!

In summary, we come to you and spend up to 45 mins diagnosing the fault, our labor rate is generally £50 per hour.  When more time is required to diagnose your fault you will be advised and there will be no extra charges without your consent.

Lastly, here’s a few of our popular repair:

  • Reset airbag light
  • Check engine light 
  • Abs light on
  • Jump start service
  • Cigarette lighter fuse replacement
  • Car side mirror replacement
  • Headlight Replacement

Accessory Fitting

Looking for an accessory and someone to help customise your car and freshen up its style. We supply and fit the best interior and exterior car accessories. Discover our great selection of quality car accessories. Proper car accessories will make you and your passenger have a enjoyable and seamless car journey.

Furthermore we do not disturb any of your cars electrics, not to mention our wiring is tidy and hidden away. In addition to our fitting service, we can carry out some maintenance checks at your request.

Here’s a list of popular car accessories we fit,

  • Parking Sensor
  • Reversing Camera
  • Dash Cam
  • Car interior décor such as LED lights, Switched and Gauges
  • Tow Bar wiring
  • Split Charge Wiring

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PS540 ParkSafe Back-Up Alert Sensors


Park Safe Back-up alert (Tow-bar compatible) incl. 4 Sensors/Buzzer (12/24V).

“Product Installation Cost: £100″

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