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Motorist safety is a primary priority; as a result, automobiles registered in London must pass a yearly car inspections or Pre Purchase Inspections to guarantee compliance with safety regulations.
A pre purchase inspection will reduce risk when buying a new car. A thorough inspection of the core components of your car to confirm they are operating correctly. We will flag up any problems, so you have time to decide how best to fix and finance the issue. Our Experienced technician can visit the vehicle before you do, with you or via a virtual consultation.

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 Daniel “FONTE” Fontenelle
Daniel “FONTE” Fontenelle
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Life saver is all I can say top bloke came out and fix my car due others not checking their work. Could thank him enough. 💯 % recommended him. Will be doing my service defo.
Simon Pumphrey
Simon Pumphrey
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Shannon is really helpful, skilled and did a great job for a good price. He is excellent at communicating, and got the job finished rapidly. Definitely recommended!
 Jin Chung
Jin Chung
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I have asked Shannon to provide a quote for a small repair job and he managed to come around a couple hours later in the evening. Job done professionally and very reasonably priced, can't fault the service at all. Will definitely use him again.
 Shaumik Adhya
Shaumik Adhya
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Shannon came over and fixed my Honda FRV. Auxiliary belt had gone - he diagnosed a seized air con compressor which was replaced and a new belt was connected. Good communication, excellent result, would definitely recommend.
 Ross S.
Ross S.
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Excellent timely service from Shannon. Isolated the electrical drain and resolved it in less than 2hrs. Saved me a lot of money and time. Great work!

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We are confident that we will contribute to London's most excellent pre-purchase used automobile inspection service.

Up to 120 vehicle check points

Road test

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Upto 50% cheaper then similiar services

What you will need

The vehicle registration number The seller's permission The address where the vehicle is kept

Pick day, time, and place.

Your mechanic will visit you at the time and place of your choosing, whichever address works best for you.

Sit back and relax!

You can simply sit back, get a drink, and watch your favourite show without walking to the garage.

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Steps After The Booking

After booking your appointment with SP88, here’s what to expect in steps:

  1. Pending Notification: You’ll first receive a notification indicating that your booking is pending.
  2. Confirmation Email: Once the mechanic confirms your appointment, a confirmation email will be sent to you.
  3. Meeting the Mechanic: On the day of your appointment, meet the mechanic at the location and time you selected during the booking process.

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Nicola O'Neill
Nicola O'Neill
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So, I accidentally pulled the front of my Fiat 500 off after getting wedged on some concrete edging in a car park. Couldn't drive it due the the damage caused. Have never used a mobile service before so didnt know who to use. Found this co on a google search and am so pleased I did! Communication via email and WhatsApp kept me updated following the booking I made using the idiot proof online booking system. He turned up when he said he would and completed the repair swiftly! Have given his number to all my mates and will def use him again.
J. T.
J. T.
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Hey front parking sensors fitted. They look good and everything works well. The gentleman game or to my place of work. Very professional.
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Good job, looks and works well, friendly. Recommended.
Livio Piano
Livio Piano
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I had Parking sensors installed by Shannon, great work and professionalism.
Timothy Stempt
Timothy Stempt
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Shannon fixed my Airbag Fault on my audi A3, excellent work and very professional 👏
Terry Buckley
Terry Buckley
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After a delay with the appointment due to unforseen circumstances. Shannon did a great job fitting my front & rear dashcam. Highly recommended.
Ruth Lovering
Ruth Lovering
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Very knowledgeable and very pleasant to do business with. Did a thorough and professional job. Would definately use again and would recommend.

A pre-purchase independent car check provides complete peace of mind.

Why should you choose us to inspect your vehicle?

Pre-purchase vehicle inspections are made simple at Our independent vehicle inspection professional will come to the automobile and provide you with a detailed report so you can determine if the vehicle is suited for you.

Inspections performed on site

To make things easier, we can conduct car inspections at your chosen place, such as a dealership, your office, or even your house.

Choice of availability

We provide a thorough vehicle examination on a day that is convenient for you, which includes at least a 72-point mechanical and structural inspection.

Photographs available

We provide images to support and explain any vehicle faults discovered during our premium examination.

Vehicle Reports

The report is provided to you whether you already own a vehicle or are planning to purchase one.

Why you should choose a pre-purchase vehicle inspection

Before making a purchase, it is crucial to us at that you are entirely confident with the vehicle you have chosen. Therefore, our ongoing goal is to provide you with as much specific information as possible before you purchase, so that you can make an informed choice and won’t have any second guesses later.

We you the chance to get a professional opinion on your chosen car. By using this service, you gain access to expert information that lets you completely comprehend the vehicle and its history before entering into any arrangement.

You can select our premium or premium plus options, which provide various degrees of information about the vehicle of your choice.

The 226-point examination and a general inspection of the vehicle’s visible and mechanical components are included in the premium inspection. In addition, the car will undergo an inspection for accident damage and any signs of damage repairs before a 10-mile road test. Finally, a brake fluid check will be performed, and any problems that need to be noted will be documented with photos for your review.

It’s worth thinking about scheduling a vehicle inspection appointment if you need a more thorough examination of the car you wish to purchase. The car inspection has undergone a 318-point assessment, including a complete physical inspection. The 20-mile extended road test will allow you to see how the vehicle handles over a longer distance. The vehicle will be carefully examined for any indications of damage brought on by accidents, as well as whether such damage has ever been fixed, just like with our premium service. In addition, the brake fluid will be examined. You will receive pictures of any newly discovered issues, outlining potential trouble locations.

check vehicle status car inspections

Vehicles that we inspect:

We offer a variety of examinations that are specifically customised to the type of vehicle being inspected, the size of its engine, and its age. There are several inspections available for:

  • High Performance Car Inspections
  • Car Inspections
  • Van Inspections
  • Motorhome Inspections
  • Roadworthiness
  • Mechanical & main electrical function
  • Road test
  • Checks for previous body repairs

Peace of Mind car Inspections

The SP88 Automotive peace-of-mind vehicle inspection is intended for those who are considering buying or have recently purchased a used car and are satisfied with the exterior, interior, and paintwork of the car but require reassurance that the mechanical condition of the car is sound.

Peace of mind regarding mechanical, vehicle operations, and past accident damage checks are provided by this car inspection. The vehicle inspection engineer gives a verbal report as well as a lengthy written report.

Please be aware that vehicles with 4×4, sports/high-performance cars, those listed as total losses, and those older than ten years do not qualify for the peace of mind vehicle examination.

The car inspection for peace of mind includes:

155 elements on the car are checked during a complete vehicle inspection

Road Test

Car Data Check (pre-purchase inspections only)

Road Test

The engineer making the peace of mind vehicle inspection runs the car up to five kilometres on the road. This test is performed to ensure that the vehicle functions correctly during and after the road test and that all electrical instruments are operational (if relevant).

High Performance Car Inspections

For customers who seek a qualified opinion on the vehicle’s overall physical look and cutting-edge functionality, SP88 Automotive’s high-performance vehicle inspection includes a thorough body check as well as an electrical components examination.

Please note:

This kind of inspection can only be performed in a proper area with an engineer’s car hoist or ramp access.

This will enable the vehicle to be elevated, and its underside inspected. When booking, the consumer must ask the vendor for authorization and get their approval. The inspection can only be conducted if a suitable hoist or ramp is available.

What exactly is covered by the SP88 High-Performance Vehicle Inspection?

  • Bodywork inspection that evaluates the paint depth on the car’s panels. This will show whether any repairs have been made.
  • 10-mile test drive to check that all electrical equipment is operational (if applicable)
  • Interior check
  • Air conditioning (if present)
  • Car Data Check


Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

For those who are considering buying a used automobile (pre-purchase) or who have just purchased a used car, a thorough vehicle examination from SP88 is appropriate (post-purchase).

For those who would prefer a qualified opinion on the vehicle’s bodywork and general cosmetic appeal, SP88’s complete vehicle inspection offers a full body check in addition to performing a full mechanical assessment on the car.

What does the SP88 comprehensive vehicle inspection include?

  • A full inspection of the vehicle, checking up to 202 items
  • Bodywork check which involves an assessment on the paint depth on the vehicle’s panels.
  • 10-mile road test to ensure all electrical instruments are functioning (if applicable)
  • Interior check
  • Air conditioning (if present)
  • Car Data Check (pre-purchase inspections only)

See SP88 In Action

Discover the Swift and Spotless SP88 Repair Experience. Our services extend beyond SP88 repairs and cover brakes, alternators, starters, batteries, and axles. Once you experience our exceptional quality and effortless service, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional shop!

We come to you!

Here's a Mobile mechanic & repairs service based in Sutton, Surrey, serving communities nearby London and Surrey. SP88 is the service that comes to your home & business for all your vehicle services and car repairs. SP88 Auto electricians work on the components of a vehicle's electrical system (battery, starter motor, alternator, fuse box, wiring, and connectors), as well as on all the other electrical equipment and accessories in a vehicle, such as headlights, anti-theft alarms, GPS devices, air conditioning systems, central locking, digital dashboard displays, electric wing mirrors, and electric seats. learn about our auto electrician.

Auto electricians work with private, commercial, and industrial vehicles of all types, including cars, motorbikes, vans, camper vans, and heavier vehicles, such as trucks, HGVs, buses, and coaches. Also, Check out our youtube channel.

We are here to assist. Our experts can answer any questions you may have because they are intimately familiar with cars, garages, and drivers.

Car inspections Tips and Advise


Driving a new car on a long-distance trip is not a good idea because the engine and gears might need to be properly oiled and wear out sooner. As a result, it’s wise to avoid long-distance journeys in a new car and instead choose shorter drives.

After all, products have been completely manufactured, a full inspection (100% inspection) is performed. Finally, a crucial product inspection is conducted to ensure the finished items meet the client’s quality criteria.

The most significant and apparent reason to evaluate your car is safety. A car’s flaw discovered during an inspection could prevent troubles down the road. But, on the other hand, a breakdown on the road might cost you money and time, or even worse, a collision.

Keeping your car periodically inspected is a fantastic way to help prevent accidents, even though numerous factors might contribute to them. Mechanics examine the steering and braking systems, fluid levels, windshield wiper performance, tyre condition, and other components that, if neglected, could suffer serious harm.

You can, according to the answer, but just for a week and with specific paperwork. The Sales Invoice is the official paperwork that enables you to operate your brand-new vehicle without the OR/CR. It’s vital to remember that this must be valid and match the vehicle’s conduction sticker.

Pre-production, in-line, and final quality inspections are the three main categories. To identify and address quality issues, a number of details must be examined and approved during each phase.

If it fails the safety or emissions tests, your car must be fixed and pass a retest within 60 days after the initial inspection. Since it’s against the law to drive your car before safety repairs are done, it’s crucial to finish the required work as soon as possible. Keep the repair invoices in your car as evidence that you comply with the law until your vehicle is re-inspected. Keeping invoices for emissions-related repairs is also a good idea in case your car fails a retest, and you need to request a waiver or delay.

Yes. Your car can be eligible for a one-year emissions waiver if it has been fixed by a Registered Emissions Repair Technician but fails the re-test. In addition, you can be eligible for a one-year, non-renewable Economic Hardship Failure Repair Extension if your car needs a significant repair like an engine or transmission overhaul. To comply with programme criteria, you must apply for an emissions waiver or extension within 60 days after your initial inspection.

A safety inspection lasts about 12 minutes, and 14 different parts of the car are looked at.

Your trailer must undergo a commercial inspection if used for commercial purposes and has a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 3,000 pounds or a gross combination vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds.

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