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Welcome to SP88, your trusted partner in providing top-notch parking sensor installation services. Based in Sutton, we are dedicated to serving customers in Tolworth and surrounding regions, ensuring affordable and reliable car servicing parking sensors fitted with SP88. This service comes to your place. Explore the benefits of parking sensor kits and how SP88 can make a difference in ensuring a safer and more convenient driving experience for residents in this charming town.

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Enhancing Your Driving Experience in Tolworth with SP88 Parking Sensor Installation

Understanding the Need for Parking Sensors: In the hustle and bustle of Tolworth, finding a convenient parking space can be a real challenge. That’s where SP88 steps in to make your life easier. Our parking sensors, meticulously fitted to your vehicle, are designed to assist you in judging the distance between the front and rear of your car effortlessly.

The SP88 Advantage: Why choose SP88 for your parking sensor needs in Tolworth? We bring our services right to your doorstep, providing affordable and reliable car servicing. Our state-of-the-art parking sensor kits are engineered to detect obstacles in your way while parking, effectively preventing potential damages. Let’s delve into the exclusive benefits of choosing SP88:

  1. Convenience at Your Doorstep: Experience hassle-free car servicing without leaving the comfort of your home in Tolworth. Our mobile service ensures that you get the assistance you need wherever you are.

  2. Affordable Solutions: SP88 offers budget-friendly parking sensor installation services, ensuring that enhanced safety and convenience don’t come at a hefty price.

  3. Reliable Technology: Our cutting-edge parking sensor kits provide real-time feedback, allowing you to maneuver your vehicle safely and confidently, even in tight parking spaces.

  4. Preventing Parking Damage: Say goodbye to parking mishaps! SP88’s sensors alert you when an obstacle is in your path, preventing potential damages and ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition.

Driving Safely in Tolworth: Tolworth’s busy streets demand a heightened sense of awareness, especially when parking. With SP88’s parking sensor installation service, you can navigate through the challenges with ease. Our sensors are tailored to spot hard-to-see obstacles at the front and rear of your vehicle, providing an extra layer of safety for you and those around you.

If you reside in Tolworth and seek a reliable parking sensor kit fitting service, look no further than SP88. We are dedicated to enhancing your driving experience by offering top-of-the-line technology, affordable solutions, and the convenience of mobile servicing. Trust SP88 to be your partner in ensuring safe and damage-free parking in the bustling streets of Tolworth. Contact us today for a seamless parking sensor installation experience!


Why Choose SP88 for Your Parking Sensor Needs?

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At SP88, we’re not just installing parking sensors; we’re enhancing your driving experience in London. Our experienced technicians use high-quality parts for a seamless match with your vehicle’s style, be it through color-matched sensors or sleek matte black options.

A Tale of Enhanced Driving in London

Picture this: You’re navigating the busy streets of London, approaching a challenging parking spot. With SP88’s parking sensors, what once was a stressful task becomes simple and stress-free. Our precise installations mean you park with confidence, every time.

Our Comprehensive Parking Sensor Services

  • Custom front and rear sensor installations for comprehensive coverage.
  • Advanced LED display systems for intuitive feedback.
  • Professional repair services for all types of parking sensor systems.

Elevate Your Drive with SP88

And it’s not just about parking. SP88 also offers high-quality dash cams and reversing cameras, seamlessly integrating into your car for an added layer of safety.

Ready to upgrade your vehicle? Contact SP88 for a personalized quote and experience the difference in your driving journey around London.

We supply and fit ParkSafe PS540 Intelligent system parking sensors. See all products.

Discover the Art of Precision Parking Sensor Installation with SP88

Embark on a journey of automotive enhancement with SP88’s expert parking sensor installation. Picture this: Your car, equipped with seamlessly integrated sensors, making parking in London a breeze. Our skilled technicians carefully mark and drill four precise holes, ensuring no bumper removal is needed. Wires are meticulously fed into the vehicle, connecting to the power supply of your reversing light. Every step, from hiding all wiring to installing the buzzer or LED display, is done with utmost care. The display is strategically placed for maximum visibility – at the rear headlining or center of the dash. For front sensors, a discreet on-off switch is elegantly fitted on the steering wheel cowl. And with reverse gear engagement, your rear sensors come to life. All vehicles, including electric cars, are welcome to experience this transformative upgrade. Choose SP88 and park with confidence and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for SP88's Parking sensor Installation in london

Ultrasonic parking sensors use high-frequency sound waves to detect objects. These sensors emit low-frequency acoustic pulses that report reflected sound off nearby objects to a control unit. The controller calculates the distance from your vehicle to the object. The system then warns the driver via an audible alarm. Rear parking sensors require a working Reverse light, and if that’s going to be a problem, our Auto electrician is ready.

We rarely remove any bumpers. We mark where the sensors will function well and be symmetrically and aesthetically pleasing. Four holes are then drilled in your bumper with a special drill bit for accuracy. The wiring for the sensors is neatly hidden behind the bumper and feeds into the vehicle. An audible buzzer is fitted in a location so it can be easily heard but not on display. Finally, we take power from the reverse lights or an ignition feed for the front. Our final work is neat, and you won’t see any wiring.

No matter your experience or skill, there are blind spots you may miss while driving, especially in tight spots. You may find it difficult to manoeuvre in a tight spot without hitting something.

When it comes to parking sensor installation in London, SP88 stands out as the ideal choice. We pride ourselves on a range of qualities and services that make us your top pick for enhancing your vehicle's safety and convenience. Here are the reasons why SP88 is the preferred option:

1. Expertise in Mobile Mechanic and Auto Electrical Services

  • With years of experience in the automotive industry, SP88 boasts a team of highly skilled professionals.
  • Our expert auto electricians and mobile mechanics are well-versed in the intricacies of parking sensor installation, ensuring a seamless and reliable service.

2. High-Quality ParkSafe PS540 Sensors

  • We understand the importance of reliable parking sensors, so we exclusively use ParkSafe PS540 intelligent parking sensors.
  • These sensors are known for their precision, durability, and ability to provide accurate feedback, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

3. Professional and Courteous Service

  • At SP88, professionalism and courtesy are at the forefront of our customer service philosophy.
  • We treat each customer respectfully and maintain open communication throughout the installation process, ensuring a positive experience.

4. Convenient Mobile Service in London

  • SP88's mobile service is designed with your convenience in mind.
  • You don't need to travel to a workshop; we bring our services directly to your location in London, saving you time and hassle.

Choosing SP88 for parking sensor installation means you benefit from a combination of expertise, high-quality products, professionalism, and ultimate convenience. Your vehicle's safety and your satisfaction are our top priorities. Discover the SP88 difference today.

Approximately 1.5 hours for rear parking sensors and 4 to 4.5 hours to fit front and rear parking sensors. The entire procedure will not be rushed to be complete. Whether you are installing only the front or both front and rear parking sensors the wiring will be tidy, and all components will be hidden away to complement the factory finish look.

Our team of experienced auto electricians can typically complete the installation of rear parking sensors within 1-2 hours, front sensors within 2-3 hours, and both front and rear sensors within 4-5 hours. However, please note that installation time may vary based on the type of vehicle.

At SP88, we offer fixed pricing for the installation of parking sensors on most ordinary cars and vans. However, pick-up trucks, trucks, and motorhomes may require a customized quote based on the complexity of the installation. To see the latest prices for parking sensor installation, please check our booking form or contact us directly for more information.
No, parking sensors are designed to detect obstacles and do not cause any damage to the vehicle. In fact, they help prevent damage by alerting the driver of potential hazards.
Yes, most parking sensors come with a switch or button that allows you to turn them off. However, it is recommended that you keep them on while driving for maximum safety.
As you may or may not know, you must inform your car insurance company of any new or existing modifications that you have installed on your vehicle so that they can reassess your premium rates. Fortunately for parking sensor’ users, the price you pay out for the system actually may have a better long-term effect on your vehicle’s insurance rates. On average, insurance premiums have been lowered by 13% for drivers with a fitted parking sensor. Trust SP88 for parking sensors fitted in South London.
There’s no doubt in our minds that having a parking aid installed on your vehicle can make parking a much safer and easier option, yet it’s important to remember that they shouldn’t replace your judgment when driving. They’re simply parking aids, not replacements for your driving ability. So remember to use your mirrors, trust your decisions and drive safely. Our auto electrician will come to your place for Parking sensors fitted in London.
Yes, parking sensors can be installed on almost any vehicle. Our skilled auto electricians will ensure that the installation process is tailored to fit your vehicle.
Yes, mirror dashcams and reversing cameras can be installed alongside parking sensors to provide additional safety and convenience while parking.

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A Lower Cost

£100 call out fee including up to 60 minutes of diagnostics.

Qualified Mobile Mechanic

Level 3 NVQ vehicle technician with experience. DBS checked, Insured and Equipped.

1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

We will provide and install high-quality parts that come with a one-year warranty.

Experienced Auto Electrician

Our Mobile Car Electrician specializes in car accessory installations.

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