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CarPlan No.1 Car Shampoo Iron Oxide Remover Super Gloss Wax Polish Ultimate Care Gift Pack - Lasts 12 Months Pre Treatment Clean Protect Innovated Patented Formula 600ml


Kit Contains all 3 of CarPlan No.1 Range – Super Detox 600ml, Super Clean 600ml, & Super Gloss 600ml

CarPlan N°1 Super Clean pH Neutral Car Shampoo 600ml CSD600 is an ideal pre-treatment to N°1 Super Gloss that ensures your vehicle’s bodywork is cleaned of stubborn surface contaminants without stripping wax and sealant layers.The unique high foaming formulation effectively breaks down persistent dirt, grime and insect residue with ease, leaving a streak-free finish.

CarPlan N°1 Super Detox Iron Oxide Remover 600ml CSD600 is an ideal pre-treatment to N°1 Super Clean that highlights invisible iron oxide deposits clinging to your paintwork. Simply spray onto paintwork, glass, rubber, lights, trim, chrome & wait five minutes until the formulation changes to a deep purple.

CarPlan N°1 Super Gloss 600ml CSG600 Simply spray onto paintwork, glass, lights, bumpers, trim & wipe off for a brilliant shine. An average size car takes only 10 minutes but the finish, shine and protection can last up to 12 months! Dust & dirt simply cannot stick.

Innovated patented formula.

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