AUTO-VOX V5: The 1080P Dual Dash Cam Revolution

Crystal Clear Driving Companion

Introducing the AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam, the ultimate driving companion. With 1080P high-definition resolution, relish in razor-sharp images that capture every detail on the road, ensuring a safer and well-documented journey.

Dual Views for Double Safety

Drive with an added layer of confidence. With front and rear cameras, the AUTO-VOX V5 promises comprehensive coverage, minimizing blind spots. Whether you’re reversing into a tight parking spot or cruising on the highway, trust in the dual dash cam’s capabilities to watch every angle.

Sleek Mirror Design: Elegance Meets Functionality

The AUTO-VOX V5 isn’t just about performance; it’s a style statement. Seamlessly integrating with your car’s interior, this mirror dash cam offers a minimalist and clean design without compromising its top-tier functionalities.


AUTO-VOX V5: The 1080P Dual Dash Cam Revolution

Auto Vox V5 Review: Elevate Your Drive

For avid drivers, the Auto Vox V5 isn’t just another gadget; it’s an innovation crafted to redefine the essence of driving. With unmatched safety features, impeccable video clarity, and groundbreaking GPS capabilities, the V5 is a testament to driving convenience. But what if we told you there’s more? Dive into the world of V5, its stellar features, and the enticing optional extras on offer.

A Glimpse Into V5’s Standout Features

Free from Glare:

Experience driving in the sun like never before. The V5’s full lamination and ultra-high brightness touchscreen cut down annoying glares, ensuring a clear view always.

Overexposure No More:

Night drives are worry-free with V5’s advanced sensor and six blue glasses rear camera. Tailgating vehicles with blinding lights won’t overexpose your videos.

Dual 1080P Super Vision:

V5’s cameras, enhanced with IMX307, deliver crisp 1080p images, day or night. Whether a scenic route or a bustling cityscape, capture it all in unmatched clarity.

Right-Hand-Drive Ready:

For right-hand-drive car users, especially in the UK, the V5’s design ensures an optimized view, catering to the unique driving setup.

Advanced Safety with Parking Mode & GPS:

V5’s Parking Mode detects collisions and records 30-second footage, preserving evidence while conserving battery. The integrated GPS, however, provides vital data, proving invaluable during insurance claims.

Optional Extras: Tailor Your V5 to Perfection

1. Larger SD Card:

Upgrade to a larger SD card for those extended road trips or heavy-duty usage, ensuring you never run short of storage space.

2. 3 Metre Cable Extension:

It is ideal for more oversized vehicles or those who prefer concealed wiring. This extension provides the flexibility you need.

3. Hard Wire Kit:

Want a clutter-free dashboard? The hard wire kit connects the V5 directly to your car’s battery, eliminating those winding cables.

4. Upgrade to V5 Pro:

For those seeking a touch of elegance, the V5 Pro offers a more integrated, factory-fitted appearance, adding a touch of class to your car’s interiors.

Seamless Installation with Auto Vox

Worried about setting up? Auto Vox has you covered with:

  • Professional Installation: Experienced technicians ensure your V5 is set up perfectly from the start.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Pick a time that suits you best. Early morning or late evening, they’ve got you covered.
  • Comprehensive Walkthrough: Post-installation, get a detailed guide on using your V5, ensuring you fully utilise its features.

Final Thoughts

The Auto Vox V5 goes beyond being a mere driving accessory. It’s an experience, a commitment to safety, and a promise of exceptional quality. And with the array of optional extras, you can customize this experience to match your unique needs. Join the revolution and elevate your drives with the Auto Vox V5!

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