AUTO-VOX V5PRO: Ultimate Driving Vision

The AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash Cam seamlessly integrates into your car’s design with its factory-finish look, thanks to the OEM windscreen bracket. Experience a clutter-free setup with just one visible wire connection, ensuring aesthetic appeal meets superior functionality. Enjoy the clarity of a 9.35″ touch screen, detailed 1080P imaging, and tailored features for right-hand-drive UK vehicles. Enhance your drive with the perfect blend of elegance and innovation. Choose V5PRO for a refined driving experience.


AUTO-VOX V5PRO: Ultimate Driving Vision

AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash Cam: Redefining Clarity & Safety

Driving isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays, it’s not just about keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. It’s also about having the right tech by your side. And when we talk about the best driving tech, the AUTO-VOX V5PRO comes to mind. Wondering why? Let’s jump right in!

The Pinnacle of Display: 9.35″ Full Lamination & Stream Media Touch Screen

Unparalleled Visual Quality:

Think of the most transparent view you’ve ever had while driving. Now, multiply that clarity. That’s the V5PRO for you. Instead of the usual lamination, this dash cam uses full lamination. The big deal? You get fewer reflections and more clarity. A win-win!

Expansive Rear Vision:

We’ve all had that moment of panic during lane changes, haven’t we? Well, with the V5PRO, that becomes a rarity. Thanks to its stream media tech, this dash cam gives a rear view more comprehensive than most mirrors. Covering five lanes, it keeps those pesky blind spots in check.

Crisp Imaging: No Glare, No Overexposure

Perfect Visibility, Always:

Sun glare while driving can be a real menace. But not with the V5PRO. Its ultra-high-bright touch screen ensures the sun stays where it belongs – in the sky, not blinding you on the road.

Crystal Clear 1080P Imagery:

Sharp, crisp, and straightforward. That’s the imagery you get with the V5PRO. This dash cam handles it all, whether it’s daytime brightness or nighttime headlight glare. And with its six blue glasses rear camera, you can be sure of capturing every detail, from license plates to street signs.

A Dash Cam That Blends Right In: OEM Look with Mirror Bracket

Looks matter. And AUTO-VOX knows it. The V5PRO isn’t just about performance. It’s also about aesthetics. Sporting an OEM look with its mirror bracket fits right into your car’s design. Plus, with four bracket adapters, it works with various vehicles. And for any challenges, AUTO-VOX’s customer service is always ready to help.

Effortless Operation: Auto Power & Advanced Parking Mode

Smart Power Management:

Who likes fumbling with buttons and switches? With the V5PRO, you don’t have to. As soon as you start your car, the dash cam starts up, too, thanks to its intelligent power management.

Reliable Parking Surveillance:

Parking can sometimes be a game of chance. But with the V5PRO’s Parking Mode, you get a security guard for your car. If there’s a collision, it captures a 30-second clip, ensuring you have the evidence you need.

Tailored for the UK: Special Design & Hassle-Free Connection

To all UK drivers, here’s some good news. The V5PRO gets you. Designed with a right-side front camera, it’s perfect for right-hand-drive cars. And its flexible parking lines save you from complicated wire connections. Slide the mirror monitor, and you’re good to go. And if you connect it to the reversing light? The parking lines pop up automatically when you reverse.

In Conclusion

The AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash Cam is not just another accessory for your car. It’s a safety partner. Focused on clarity, safety, and design, it promises peace of mind for every trip. So, why wait? Elevate your driving experience with the V5PRO today!

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