Brake Pads Replacement in Leatherhead

Are you experiencing braking issues like squealing noises, reduced efficiency, or vibrations? SP88 is your solution for top-notch brake pad replacement or repair service in Leatherhead. Specializing in brake pads and disc replacements, we prioritize your safety with quality care. Trust SP88 for reliable, expert brake maintenance to ensure your vehicle’s brakes are in perfect condition. Visit us for all your brake needs and drive with confidence.”

Based in Sutton, SP88 is proud to extend its expert Brake Pad and Disc Replacement services to your location, prioritizing your safety with quality care.

Get a dependable mechanic in London in just a few clicks.

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Choose your service, describe the issue, and we'll come to your place to repair your vehicle.

Pick day, time, and place.

Your mechanic will visit you at the time and place of your choosing, whichever address works best for you.

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SP88's doorstep car brakes service in London offers:

  • Easy Booking: Schedule on our website or call us.
  • Convenient Service: Technicians visit your London location.
  • Expert Replacement: High-quality brake parts are used.
  • Safety Checks: Thorough testing for optimal performance.
  • Simple Payment: Pay on-site and get a receipt immediately.
  • Clear Pricing: Upfront cost including brakes from Euro Car Parts and booking fee.
  • Dealer Brakes Option: Brakes from the dealer are available upon request, ensuring a range of choices to suit your needs.

This service ensures professional, convenient brakes replacement and maintenance at your doorstep. Book now!

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Enhance Your Driving Safety: Reliable Brake Pad and Disc Replacement Services in Leatherhead

At SP88, we understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle's brakes for a safe and smooth driving experience. If you're in Leatherhead and facing issues like squealing noises, reduced efficiency, or vibrations, SP88 is your go-to solution for top-notch brake services. Our specialization lies in brake pads and disc replacements, ensuring your safety with quality care.

Why Choose SP88 in Leatherhead?

  1. Expertise and Reliability: Our team at SP88 consists of skilled professionals with years of experience in brake maintenance. We prioritize your safety by delivering reliable and expert brake services tailored to your specific needs.

  2. Quality Brake Pads and Discs: At SP88, we believe in using only the highest quality brake pads and discs for replacements. Our commitment to quality ensures that your vehicle's braking system performs optimally, providing you with peace of mind on the road.

  3. Convenient Mobile Mechanic Service: Based in Sutton, we understand the value of your time. That's why we offer a convenient home mobile mechanic service for Brake Pad and Disc Replacement in Leatherhead. Schedule an appointment through our online booking system, and our expert technicians will come to your location, providing hassle-free service at your doorstep.

  4. Personalized Care: We recognize that every vehicle is unique, and its braking needs may vary. At SP88, we provide personalized care, diagnosing issues specific to your vehicle and recommending solutions that fit your requirements and budget.

  5. Customer-Focused Approach: Your satisfaction is our priority. SP88 is dedicated to a customer-focused approach, ensuring transparent communication, fair pricing, and a smooth service experience from start to finish.

How SP88 Home Mobile Mechanic Service Works: If you're in Leatherhead and in need of Brake Pad and Disc Replacement, our home mobile mechanic service makes the process seamless. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit Our Website: Navigate to our user-friendly website and access our online booking system.

  2. Select Your Service: Choose the Brake Pad Repair or Replacement service based on your vehicle's needs.

  3. Provide Details: Fill in the necessary details, including your location in Leatherhead, to help us dispatch our mobile mechanics to your doorstep.

  4. Choose a Convenient Time: Select a time that suits your schedule for the Brake Pad and Disc Replacement service.

  5. Confirmation and Arrival: Receive a confirmation of your appointment, and our expert technicians will arrive at your specified location, equipped to handle all your brake maintenance needs.

At SP88, we take pride in offering reliable Brake Pad and Disc Replacement services in Leatherhead. Trust us for expert care, quality components, and the convenience of our home mobile mechanic service. Prioritize your safety on the road – choose SP88 for top-notch brake maintenance.

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Discover the Swift and Spotless SP88 Repair Experience. Our services extend beyond SP88 repairs and cover brakes, alternators, starters, batteries, and axles. Once you experience our exceptional quality and effortless service, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional shop!

A Lower Cost

£100 call out fee including up to 60 minutes of diagnostics.

Qualified Mobile Mechanic

Level 3 NVQ vehicle technician with experience. DBS checked, Insured and Equipped.

1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

We will provide and install high-quality parts that come with a one-year warranty.

Experienced Auto Electrician

Our Mobile Car Electrician specializes in car accessory installations.

Car Brakes (FAQs)

Brake pad replacement costs can differ, but typically the labor time remains consistent across various vehicle makes and models. Our starting labor price for this mobile service is a reasonable £100. The cost of brake pads themselves varies based on material quality. We advise against using the cheapest options for safety and performance reasons. At SP88, we provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality brake pads and also cater to those seeking enhanced performance with high-grade brake pads, perfect for those pushing the limits of braking power.

Brake pads should be checked :

  • Because of squealing & grinding noises
  • Vibrations whilst braking
  • A warning light on the dash
  • Part of your oil change & service.

The condition of your brake discs must also be checked!

We will come to you for Mobile Brake Pads Replacement in London.

The brake disc is the surface that absorbs and dissipates heat caused by the brake pad pressing against it. This ensures a smooth and efficient braking system. Brake pads can only do their job well with decent brake discs! With cautious driving and braking, brake discs can last a very long. In our experience, they can live through two sets of brake pads. However, brake pads are friction materials, so the surface of the discs will wear away over time.

  • Excessive rust
  • Vibration when braking
  • Damage from brake pads that are completely worn out
  • Cracked brake discs
  • Worn below the minimum thickness.


Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid. As such, It's used to put pressure on the brake pads when braking. This fluid has a high boiling point to withstand the heat generated from the places when pushed against the brake discs to stop the vehicle. Unfortunately, brake fluid is hygroscopic/absorbs water, so replacing it at least every two years is recommended. When brake fluid has absorbed too much water, it affects its ability to do its job well.

  • Overheating brakes: Because of water, the boiling point of the brake fluid lowers. When combined with frequent heavy braking, the brakes can overheat way before reaching the minimum temperature it was designed to withstand. It can be scary if you have not experienced the feeling of overheated brakes. The brake pedal goes further towards the floor with highly reduced braking efficiency.
  • Spongy brakes: A symptom you may encounter with brake fluid that has not been changed for a long time would be a spongy brake pedal. It's because, over time- air finds its way into the brake lines, as air can be compressed, unlike brake fluid.
  • Contamination: Brake fluid should not be Black, Brown, or Green. When the brake fluid is new, it's yellow/gold, and its service interval is 2 years on most makes and models. Contaminated brake fluid can cause damage to components within the brake and clutch (yes, the clutch in manual cars also uses brake fluid). We will come to you for Mobile Brake Pads Replacement in London.

SP88 offers a unique brake replacement service at work, home, or office. Our mobile mechanic will come to you if you are based in London. We also serve areas nearby London and Surrey.


A mobile mechanic specializes in diagnosing and repairing issues in vehicles, including engine, brakes, steering, suspension, and other components. They offer the convenience of coming to your location to provide on-site repair services.

You may need to see a mobile mechanic if your vehicle is experiencing issues such as strange noises, warning lights, or decreased performance. Additionally, if your vehicle is due for regular maintenance or you notice any leaks or wear and tear on components, it may be a good idea to have a mobile mechanic take a look.

A mobile mechanic can come to your location, whether it's your home, workplace, or any other convenient location.

The cost of hiring a mobile mechanic can vary depending on the services needed and the location of the repair. SP88 Mobile Mechanic offers competitive pricing and a transparent pricing policy, so you can know the cost upfront. Learn more.

The time it takes for a mobile mechanic to diagnose an issue depends on the complexity of the problem. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

Mobile mechanics receive extensive training in automotive technology and repair. They often have certification from industry-recognized organizations.

It is recommended to have your vehicle checked by a mobile mechanic regularly, especially before long trips or during seasonal changes. Regular maintenance can help prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of your vehicle.

Yes, mobile mechanics are trained to repair and replace damaged parts in vehicles.

Yes, mobile mechanics can install aftermarket parts, but it's important to ensure that the parts are compatible with your vehicle and meet quality standards.

Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help prevent issues in your vehicle. It's important to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and address any issues promptly.

Ignoring issues in your vehicle can lead to larger and more costly problems down the line. It's important to address any issues promptly to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

Yes, some mobile mechanics are trained to work on hybrid or electric vehicles. It's important to check with the mobile mechanic beforehand to ensure they have the necessary expertise.

Yes, reputable mobile mechanics are licensed and insured to provide repair services.

Yes, SP88 Mobile Mechanic provides a warranty for all repair work, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

You can find a reputable mobile mechanic in your area by asking for recommendations from friends and family, checking online reviews, and verifying their credentials and certifications. SP88 Mobile Mechanic is a reliable and trusted provider of mobile mechanic services in the SM1 4EU postcode and surrounding areas.

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