Why is my DPF blocked and how to fix it?

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Do you know how much it costs to replace a DPF?
The cost of replacing a clogged DPF can be prohibitively expensive. SP88 explains why they are such high-cost customers for the motor trade.

The reason is straightforward: diesel particulate filters (DPFs), which are now required in every diesel vehicle manufactured since 2009 and can be found in many more vehicles manufactured before that date, are failing in large numbers. ‘Blocked DPF’ is a search term that is becoming increasingly popular on Google.

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Customers are being quoted exorbitant prices by main dealers to replace faulty parts when they do fail, as well. Using the Land Rover Rover as an example, the owner was quoted £2,500 to replace his DPF before he came to SP88 and discovered that there was a better, less expensive alternative (which will be discussed further below).

What is the cost of a new DPF and why are they so expensive?

Why Are They So Exorbitantly Priced?

The DPF occupies a significant portion of the exhaust system. Unlike the air, oil, fuel, or pollen filters, it is not intended to be replaced by the average person; it must be done by a professional who has access to diagnostic tools in order to ensure that the ECU recognises that it has been changed.

Even in a low-cost family car, main dealers charge exorbitant prices for parts and labour – a bill for a simple repair can easily exceed four figures. A new DPF for a prestige vehicle, such as the Range Rover pictured above, can cost upwards of £3,000.

Some vehicles with high mileage have been hit with bills for a new DPF that are almost as large as the vehicle’s value.

Although there are cheaper after-market (i.e. unofficial) DPFs available, they are still prohibitively expensive when compared to the alternatives. Furthermore, because aftermarket units do not contain as much of the “filtration” core as original units, they are more prone to becoming clogged more quickly. As a result, SP88 does not recommend the use of aftermarket standard replacement parts. It’s important to remember that you should only replace a part if it’s absolutely necessary.

Because of the high cost of replacing a DPF, many people have turned to illegal solutions, such as removing the DPF entirely from the vehicle. However, it has always been illegal to permanently remove a factory-installed DPF, and changes to MOT tests, which were implemented in May 2018, are aimed at making the practise even more difficult.

What Causes DPFs to Fail?

A DPF failure can be caused by a variety of factors. Failures can be divided into two categories: either there is a problem with the engine that is causing the DPF to become clogged, or the vehicle is not being driven in a manner that allows the unit to self-clean (regenerate) (regenerate).

Engine problems can include a clogged exhaust gas recirculation valve, faulty fuel injectors, incorrect engine oil being used, a failing turbo, and other issues.

Alternatively, if a car is only used for short distances, the DPF may become clogged because the exhaust does not have enough time to become sufficiently hot to initiate the self-cleaning cycle.

Is There A Better Alternative To Replacing or Purchasing A New DPF?

Yes. There are several options available, and DPF cleaning is now one of our most frequently requested services among our more than 500 dealers across the country.

The SP88 patented equipment has already been used to carry out thousands of DPF cleaning procedures, resulting in our customers saving thousands upon thousands of pounds in the process.

For those instances where the DPF is clogged with oil or ash and cannot be cleaned by any system while the unit is still in place, SP88 dealers have access to our Total DPF Solutions system, which will remove the oil and ash from the system.

The Difference Between Symptoms and Causes

It is critical to understand that simply replacing or cleaning a clogged DPF will not solve the problem. Instead, a clogged DPF is a symptom of a larger problem, and the professional should seek to determine the underlying issue. It is only after the root cause has been identified and eliminated that a clean, or even a completely new replacement, will be effective in the long run.

SP88 service centre technicians have received extensive training in order to diagnose and effectively resolve problems with your vehicle. The clean-up will be completed once the problem has been resolved, if at all possible.

Before you consider replacing your DPF, give SP88 a shot.

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