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The most typical Toyota Yaris problems are covered by SP88, along with regular repair prices.

The Toyota Yaris is one of the top vehicles for novice drivers since it is secure, dependable, and enjoyable to operate. Not to add that it is highly economical, which is the highest praise a car can receive given the state of the economy right now!

It’s understandable why the Yaris is Toyota’s best-selling single model in Europe. Still, despite all of its benefits, we couldn’t help but wonder what potential issues, if any, this enticing supermini would cause its drivers.

After extensive research, we identified several typical Toyota Yaris issues:

What is the Toyota Yaris lacking?

One of the world’s most dependable automakers is considered to be Toyota. However, Toyota models can and do experience issues. If you currently own or are considering purchasing a Yaris, you should be aware of the following problems.

Problem with the Toyota Yaris’ semi-automatic transmission

The vehicle won’t move when in gear, makes strange noises when shifting, and may shake or grind. The clutch and gear shift servos may have worn out, or an oil leak in the gearbox may have caused the issue.

For your specific car, you’ll need to speak with a professional to determine the cause of the issue, but on average, auto gearbox repairs booked through SP88 cost £621.66.

An automatic transmission issue with the Toyota Yaris

This is comparable to the problem previously mentioned. Possible causes include couplings, which will likely necessitate a complete gearbox repair, a dead clutch disc, which requires a clutch replacement, and an oil leak, which needs replacing the damaged gasket and refilling of the oil.

Yaris Toyota clutch issue

Numerous Yaris owners have complained about clutch issues, exceptionally when the clutch starts to slip. A burning smell, a change in the height of the clutch pedal, greater RPMs without the corresponding speed, and a general lack of performance from your car are likely to be noticed.

One of the following will typically be at fault:

  • Leaking oil or grease
  • Worn clutch disc
  • Warped flywheel
  • Clutch overheating

Toyota Yaris ABS issue

It’s crucial to understand that the general brake warning light and the ABS warning light are separate. If the former illuminates, your Yaris is unsafe to drive; if the ABS warning light illuminates, you can still use the vehicle, but you should seek expert assistance as soon as possible.

The following are the primary causes of the ABS warning light:

  • Damaged/malfunctioning ABS module
  • Faulty/broken wheel speed sensor
  • Low ABS fluid

Faults in the 1999–2005 Toyota Yaris

These typical issues with the first-generation Toyota Yaris have been noted.

1. Rear wheels that lock

Some early Yaris models’ rear wheels tend to lock up when the brakes are applied rapidly, making the car unstable and challenging to manage.

What kind of repair is required for locked rear wheels for a Toyota Yaris, and how much does it cost?

Toyota issued a recall for the affected models. Thus, a free repair should have already been done by a dealership or an authorised shop. The brake proportioning valve was replaced with a modified version as part of the repair.

2. Oil spill

Due to worn and corroded parts, early Toyota Yaris vehicles are susceptible to developing an oil leak. If the problem is not resolved, your car can overheat if the oil is low. If you keep driving without enough lubricant, severe engine damage may result.

How much does an oil leak repair for a Toyota Yaris cost, and what kind of repair is required?

You could buy an additive to seal the leak if it’s small. A mechanic can identify the issue and solve it by replacing the part that developed a leak if it is more significant and you cannot determine where the oil is coming from.

Our data from 2021 shows that a Toyota Yaris leak typically costs £61.91 to repair.

3. Paint flaking

For Yaris cars from the first generation, paint that is peeling or bubbling is one of the main complaints. This not only looks bad, but it also exposes the car’s body to rust.

What maintenance is required to address peeling paint, and how much does a Toyota Yaris cost?

You could touch up the paint yourself, but if you want a job that looks professional and lasts, consider hiring a bodywork specialist.

According to our data from 2021, Toyota Yaris paintwork repairs cost £383.72 on average, although if the area that needs fixing is small, this amount is probably less.

4. Defective braking

On the inner face of the wheel disc, compacted snow and ice may accumulate during the winter, especially in stop-and-go driving situations. In addition, the metal tubing connecting to the rear brake cylinder may occasionally get distorted. As a result, they impair braking and raise the possibility of a hydraulic fluid leak.

How much does fixing a Toyota Yaris reduce brakes cost, and what repair is required?

A redesigned and rerouted brake line should have already been installed at a dealership for free on any vehicles affected by the issue because this is another occasion in which Toyota issued a recall notice.

Toyota Yaris 1999-2005 recalls

Recall DateReason for Recall
18-Apr-00Rear wheels may lock under hard braking
13-Nov-02Rear brake pipe concern

Yaris problems from 2006 to 2010.

The following is a list of issues with the second-generation Yaris.

1. An unstable auto gearbox

The MMT automatic transmission is notoriously problematic and frequently shifts gears erratically. Changing down, for instance, when the revs are too high.

What kind of maintenance is required for a sporadic automatic transmission, and how much does it cost for a Toyota Yaris?

The greatest piece of advise is to simply stay away from the MMT gearbox if you’re considering buying a Yaris. Finding a professional in auto gearboxes who can give you advice on the best course of action and repair or replace it is the best line of action if it’s already too late and you have one.

Using statistics from 2021, this costs, on average, £431.

2. A jittery clutch

The clutch judders when shifting ratios, which is a common complaint among second-generation Yaris owners. This issue often occurs in older vehicles with worn-out clutches, but it could happen in the Yaris earlier than planned.

What kind of maintenance is required for a clutch that judders, and how much does it cost for a Toyota Yaris?

Due to the high cost of replacing clutches, you may want to wait if your only symptom is juddering. However, once the clutch begins slipping, it won’t be long before you take your car to repair.

Our data from 2021 shows that replacing the clutch on a Yaris costs, on average, £481.46.

3. Engine light warning

Diesel engines, in particular, are involved in this problem. The check engine light could signal various issues, some of which are more significant than others, including a misfiring car.

How much does a Toyota Yaris engine warning light repair cost, and what is required to fix it?

The first thing to do when the check engine light turns on is to conduct a diagnostic test to identify the issue. Next, your car will be plugged into a device by a mechanic that reads the error code.

According to data from 2021, a diagnostic test for a Yaris costs, on average, £44.42.

4. Loose fan belt

Additionally, some Yaris owners claim that the fan belt gradually becomes loose. When this occurs, you might hear a squeaking or screeching sound coming from your engine.

How much does a Toyota Yaris loose fan belt repair cost? What repair is required?

By finding the screws holding the fan belt in place, you can tighten it yourself if you feel comfortable doing so, but you must ensure the tension is proper; if it is too tight, the belt may snap. The fan belt should therefore be checked and tightened by a specialist. If the belt is worn, they might advise getting a new one.

Fortunately, tightening a fan belt will cost even less than replacing it, with replacement costing an average of £73.15 for a Yaris.

Toyota Yaris 2006-2010 recalls

Recall DateReason for Recall
27-Nov-06Engine may stall
16-May-07Seating headrests may detach & airbag may not sufficiently deploy in an impact
06-Apr-09Fire may occur
06-Feb-10Accelerator pedal may fail to return to idle
16-Aug-10If deployed the airbag may endanger passenger

Toyota Yaris problems from 2011 to 2019

The third-generation Yaris often has the following problems.

1. Fuel leak

Due to faulty fuel injectors, some late third-generation cars may experience fuel leaks.
How much does it cost to fix a fuel leak in a Toyota Yaris, and what repair is required?

In this case, Toyota discovered the problem and issued a recall for the affected vehicles; hence, a free repair by a dealer, which entails replacing the seals and bolts and keeping the injectors in place, should have already been performed.

Repairing the fuel injection system on a Yaris typically costs £89.54.

2. Deteriorated directionality

A strut top mounting bearing in the front suspension may sustain damage when travelling over a significant bump. Unusual noises made while driving on bumpy roads or twisting the steering wheel are something to watch out for. In addition, the amount could eventually stop working, making the car unstable.

What service is required for a Toyota Yaris with a faulty directional control system, and how much does it cost?

Toyota issued a recall for this issue, so any affected models should have received a free repair at a dealership. New bearings must be installed as part of the repair.

Our 2021 research shows that Toyota Yaris suspension repairs typically cost £138.93.

3. Blocked DPF

Some Yaris owners claim that the diesel particle filter needed cleaning after just a few miles. When the DPF cannot passively regenerate, it is because the vehicle hasn’t been driven at high speeds for a sufficient amount of time. This buildup of soot and other particles puts your car into limp mode.

How much does a Toyota Yaris DPF repair cost, and what kind of repair is required for a blocked DPF?

The issue should be resolved with a quick DPF clean. Our guide on DPF cleaning has more information on this procedure.

Toyota Yaris DPF cleaning typically costs £134.03.

4. Inadequate power steering

A short circuit relay in the power steering control module may cause the power steering to malfunction in some early third-generation Yaris cars.

What kind of repair is required for a power steering failure, and how much does a Toyota Yaris cost to get fixed?

Another Toyota recall covers this issue, so any impacted automobiles should have had a fix made. Unfortunately, it was necessary to replace the power control module specifically.

Toyota Yaris 2011-2019 recalls

Recall DateReason for Recall
13-Sep-11Body trim may cause injury
26-Oct-12Fire may occur
17-Apr-13Passenger side air bag may fail to deploy correctly
07-Aug-13Braking efficiency may be affected
14-Aug-13Short circuit may cause failure of the power assistance
22-Apr-14Steering column may become unsecured
22-Apr-14Seat rail mechanism could fail
15-Dec-14Brake fluid may leak
06-Jan-15Driver’s air bag may rupture if deployed
07-Jan-15Risk of fire
16-Mar-15Wheel hub may become loose
15-Jun-15Passenger side air bag may fail to deploy correctly
22-Jun-15Driver side air bag may rupture
01-Dec-15Risk of fire
18-May-16Rear seat belt may fail
18-Jul-16Directional control could be compromised
22-May-17Front driver air bag may rupture
17-Dec-18Front passenger air bag inflators containing degraded propellant may result in inflator rupture
10-Jun-19A crack could develop on the insulation of the wire harnesses of the front seat side air bag sensors
04-Nov-19A transistor to the circuit board in the DC-DC converter could be inadequate

Faults and recalls for the Toyota Yaris as of 2020

Although it is still too early to identify any widespread issues with the fourth-generation Yaris, you can see below that Toyota has issued a few recalls.

Recall DateReason for Recall
02-Mar-20Resin spacers could be deformed by heat causing the engine cylinder head bolts to become loose
05-Oct-20Takata air bag inflator may rupture on deployment
20-Oct-20It may not be possible to switch the headlights from high beam to low beam or vice versa
25-Jan-21Possibility that the centre rear seat belt may be damaged by a sharp edge of the bracket
15-Nov-21Emergency calling system (eCall) may not function when required

If you’re having issues with your Toyota Yaris, SP88 can assist you in locating the best shop for your needs at the best price.

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