What paperwork do I need to sell my car online in the UK?

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SP88 explains the documentation required to sell your automobile in the UK nowadays and the procedures you should perform to ensure you’re selling your car securely.

Consider selling your car at some point in your life. Whether you’ve outgrown your current vehicle, want to upgrade, or need some extra cash, there are a few essential factors to consider before selling.

After you’ve closed the deal and agreed on the price, the next step is gathering all the necessary documents.

What paperwork will I need to sell my car in 2022?

If you’re selling your car privately, whether you choose to sell online or face to face with a buyer, receipts of sale are essential to provide to the buyer. This not only proves that the car previously belonged to you, but it also gives the buyer important information about the vehicle.

You should also have copies of the following documents on hand:

What should you do if you want to sell your car?

The logbook or V5C

This is what you will need to provide to the DVLA to notify them that you are no longer the car’s registered keeper.

You must notify the DVLA that you have sold the vehicle and include the buyer’s full name and address. Failure to do so may jeopardise any tax refund you may be due. If you are due a refund for your vehicle tax, you will get it within 4-6 weeks.

As long as the buyer of your automobile stays in the UK and does not take the car abroad, you only need to give them the green ‘new keeper’ slip from your log book.

If the car you intend to sell has a private registration, you must request to have it removed before selling it.

Evidence of military service

Though you may be unable to provide all of this information, providing evidence of the car’s service history gives your buyer more confidence and is more likely to help you close the sale. A full-service history demonstrates to the new owner that you have taken care of the vehicle, as you can confirm that it has been checked over regularly by a specialist. A complete service history also shows the customer the vehicle’s actual mileage.

Purchase documentation

Upon completion of the sale, you, as the seller, must be able to provide the buyer with a receipt slip confirming that they have purchased the vehicle. This should include the buyer’s and seller’s names, addresses, the date, the amount paid, and signatures from both sides.

Certificates of inspection

Because your MOT is an annual legal obligation, you should be able to present the buyer with all previous certificates for the vehicle.

These certificates are available online for all MOTs granted after 2006; however, you may prefer to send hard copies to your buyer for extra peace of mind, especially for older vehicles.

Vehicle warranty

If the outstanding warranty is transferable, you must notify the firm with whom you hold the warranty that you are no longer the car’s owner and submit the documentation to the new owner.

Receipts for auto parts

Suppose your automobile acquired any new parts during servicing and repairs during your ownership. In that case, it’s a good idea to provide proof of this to the new vehicle owner for more transparency and if something goes wrong with the item in the future.

Insurance coverage

When you sell your car, remember to notify your insurer that you are no longer the owner. If you do this, you will also need to update your insurance coverage with any new automobile you purchase as a replacement.

How to Sell a Car Online Safely

Selling your automobile online can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. If you follow these basic guidelines, you won’t put a foot wrong:

  1. Be prepared – have all of the right documents you need ready for the buyer
  2. Get paid – always ensure you have received payment before handing over the keys
  3. Beware of scammers – A legitimate buyer should be able to provide details such as their name, home address and phone number

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