Reverse Camera Installation in Kingston upon Thames

Auto vox v5 dashcam installation

Reverse Camera Installation in Kingston upon Thames with Sp88, A service that come to your place & provides affordable and reliable car servicing.

Reversing without a camera to help is just old school now. We supply and do Reverse Camera Installation in Kingston upon Thames, areas surrounding Sutton, Surrey, London.

There are many options available specific to the model of your car with you may prefer. Many vans can have a camera that attaches to or replaces the high level brake light. Many cars have cameras available which replace one of the number plate bulbs.   We’re happy to discuss which cameras best suits you. Also, We ask for two hours labour to fit most cameras. For every kit we supply, we offer fantastic value for money.

AUTO-VOX M1 Car Reversing Camera Kit

reverse camera installation

Togaurd Dash Cam + Mirror Reversing Camera

reversing camera fitted

You Have Found A Mobile Rear View Camera Fitting Service

Frequently Asked Question

1. What’s the best Reversing Camera

The options totally yours. A monitor can be placed on the dashboard or a clip on or replacement rearview mirror or a compatible radio with a display. Please contact us if before booking an appointment online if you buy your own camera kit. Some rear-view cameras are vehicle-specific, we need to ensure that the camera kit is compatible with your vehicle. Also You can send us a picture on WhatsApp.

We also supply universal cameras that cover most cars and vans.

You can choose a camera that is specific to the make and model of your vehicle from Amazon or eBay.

2. How Do We Fit Most Of Our Rear View Cameras?

The camera is usually wired to the reversing light. This is usually done at the rear light cluster, where it is easier to access and identify the wires. Another method of wiring would be power is always on. This is achieved by attaching the positive wire of the camera to a power source that comes on with the ignition.

3. Why Should We Fit Your Backup Camera?

We at SP88 take pride in our installations, we do not carry out work that would have an adverse effect on your vehicle. When the kit is installed, the wiring is carefully hidden away of wear ever possible.

4. Can Any Car Have a Reversing Camera Installed?

Yes, every car can have a reverse camera. With a wide range of reversing cameras available, we will find one that suits your vehicle. So All you need to do is find a reversing camera fitting near you, and at SP88, we are always a phone call away.

5. Reversing Camera Fitted Near Me?

The peace of mind that a reversing camera brings is priceless, and so is our service. SP88 offers reverse camera installation in Kingston upon Thames, serving areas and nearby areas in London. Give us just a call away. Let us help you find the right reverse camera that fits your budget.

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