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Ford Service near you - Your Ford car or SUV needs routine maintenance or repair, but how do you find the time? SP88 is excited to announce our Mobile auto electrician Service program, in which we will come to you! You can now arrange for our qualified mobile specialists to visit your home or workplace and perform routine mobile vehicle servicing and necessary maintenance procedures.

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We are here to assist. Our experts can answer any questions you may have because they are intimately familiar with cars, garages, and drivers.

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Nobody knows that better than us: your Ford is much more than a car. We are aware that you want to provide the best treatment possible. Therefore, your Ford will always receive the same level of care and attention when serviced by SP88, and we never use anything less than Genuine Ford Parts.

What should be included in a Ford Annual Service?

A complete Ford service that will restore your peace of mind.

Keeping up with your Scheduled Service Intervals increases the resale value of your vehicle and can assist in preserving its efficiency, boosting fuel economy and lowering CO2 emissions.

The Ford Scheduled Service intervals ensure that your vehicle is serviced at the recommended intervals. Proper care reduces the danger of severe repair costs due to insufficient servicing, and if you decide to sell your car, a complete service history will increase its worth.

In summary, the below should be included in your annual Ford service:

Ford Video Check

With a Ford Video Check, a free visual report with any service and repair work sent straight to your phone; you can get a professional’s perspective on your car.

Along with a competitive upfront quotation for any maintenance advised by our Ford-trained specialists, you’ll also get an electronic report outlining 30 various aspects of the health of your car.

Specialist systems and diagnostics equipment

Our cutting-edge tools are developed to ensure rapid and precise fault diagnosis. In addition, the dealer will use Ford technologies to find any uncompleted Field Service Actions needed to enhance the vehicle’s operation.

Oil and filter change

Every time you have scheduled service, your oil and oil filter will be changed and replaced, and your Intelligent Oil Life Monitor will be reset (where applicable).

Check the air filter.

Your engine has to work harder and emits more CO2 when filters are blocked. Because of this, we consistently inspect your air filter as part of your planned maintenance.

Check and top off the fluid levels.

Our skilled specialists will make sure that your vehicle’s vital fluids, such as the engine oil (maximum 1L), coolant (maximum 0.5L), and screen wash, are inspected and topped off as needed during your Ford service (max. 0.5L).

Digital service record

Service your car following our suggestions, and have the work documented in the Ford Digital Service Record system. Then, if you choose to sell your car, any of our Peoples Ford Dealers can check your vehicle’s Digital Service Record to verify its service history and Warranty status.

Transparent prices

Having your car maintained by those who understand it best pays off. In addition to using Ford Quality Parts, our Ford-trained personnel and technicians also employ a straightforward and aggressive price quotation and menu system. Additionally, there are fantastic deals on both servicing and repairs.

Don’t look further call SP88 now for Ford Service in London.

We use Genuine Ford parts Only

We only ever use genuine Ford parts in your car. Why would we use anything else? They come with a one-year warranty when fitted by SP88's mechanic in London.

We use Original Ford Engine oil .

We use Original engine oils with the same exacting standards as Ford engines, guaranteeing the highest levels of durability, performance, and efficiency.

Ford service book- What is the cost to fix my car?

Save up to 30% when servicing your Ford car with SP88 in London. You will see our pricing in the booking form above. They are open and transparent.

Harry, from London

Hey SP88, how often should my Ford's front brake pads need replacing?

Harry, from London

Shannon, from SP88, London

Your brake pads should last for 50,000 miles, but a lot can change, like how you drive or what kind of pads you use. Also, keep in mind that faulty brakes are the cause of almost 20% of MOT failures. checked

Shannon, from SP88, London

Our technicians have a mix of factory training, ASE certifications, technical school training and over 15 years of combined experience.

What happens when your brake pads are changed by SP88?

Our skilled and proficient experts will identify which brake pads require replacement and will install new ones as necessary.

Common Ford car part repairs

Fixing a defective starter motor: While driving, a faulty starter motor could cause your car to stall abruptly. If you were driving and could not make a safe stop, this could damage your automobile or result in injuries to you and other motorists.

Repairing a leaky Ford radiator: Your engine's temperature may increase higher than usual while driving if your cooling system has been weakened by a leak somewhere in the radiator. A mechanic must take care of this correctly to avoid severe engine damage.

Repairing a damaged Ford fuel pump: A faulty fuel pump can lead to several problems with how smoothly and start your automobile. Your car's engine may stall out entirely or tremor or quiver. Additionally, you might find that your vehicle is accelerating more slowly than usual, particularly while attempting to achieve more incredible speeds.

Replacing a damaged muffler: A damaged muffler produces much more noise than one in good working order, and not just when you're driving. If you hear loud, recurring noises coming from below your automobile when it is parked and off, make sure to have this checked out.

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Auto mobile mechanic Ford Car Maintenance & Servicing FAQ's Tips and Advise by SP88


The type of model you own and the plan you choose will determine how much your Ford maintenance plan will cost. Contacting your local dealer for information on car servicing costs is the most effective way to obtain a precise quote.

By "major service," we mean any maintenance or repairs advised by your vehicle's manufacturer, either every year or based on the number of miles driven.

Numerous elements influence Ford repair costs. They include the required labour hours, the parts' availability, and whether the parts are new or reconditioned. Therefore, the most accessible approach to receiving accurate Ford repair costs is to contact your local Ford dealership and request an estimate from a service expert.

Major oil leaks, transmission roll pins, power steering problems, unusual exhaust noises, faulty spark plugs, and engine problems are typical problems.

Regular Ford servicing is vital because if your vehicle is not serviced regularly, it may break down suddenly or fail to perform at total efficiency. This may result in additional costs because you may need to replace parts more frequently or consume more fuel.

We subscribed to Autodata; they offer us the latest vehicle service, repair, diagnostics and maintenance information for thousands of vehicles worldwide.

Our call-out fee is £80. It includes up to 60 minutes of diagnosis.

Additional labour is £50 per hour.

The inspection (check over) of the vehicle is £80.

The cost of an oil change service is £80*.

Full servicing for the average car costs £120*.

Prices marked with an asterisk (*) do not include parts and are subject to inflation.

Mobile mechanic near me in London

Book in with a top-rated mobile mechanic in London today on SP88 near you in London.

Having a mobile technician perform your automobile repairs eliminates any inconvenience; they can complete the service on your own drive! In addition, they can perform most repairs remotely, so if you can’t fit in a garage visit, it’s worth considering a mobile mechanic.

Find a mobile car mechanic in London

If you want to receive quotations from mobile car mechanics everywhere in London, from Whitechapel to White City or Clapham to Hampstead, SP88 can assist. Simply input your data and the nature of the repair in the form above.

mobile mechanic london

After completing the form, you will receive quotes from mobile repair providers in your area.

Finding the time to drive your car to a garage in London can be quite tricky, as taking time away from work can be extremely inconvenient. But, if you are unable to travel by car, London has the best tube network in the world!

Mobile mechanics are great for people living in the capital since they will come to your door and finish the repair while you are at work or home.

SP88 can help you find a superb mobile mechanic in north London, a local mobile mechanic in south London, a mobile car mechanic in east London, or a local mobile mechanic in west London. We will be able to bring the best mobile mechanics to your home quickly.

If you cannot locate a garage near me or garages nearby, a mobile mechanic may be the ideal alternative for swiftly locating car repair.

If you need a local mobile mechanic in London with a good reputation and a reasonable price, use SP88 to find car mechanic near me.

What is a Mobile Car Repair Service in London?

Mobile vehicle technicians provide a different service than garages because they typically operate alone or in a small team without a physical location.

A mobile mechanic will come to your location and repair your vehicle.

Why are local London mobile mechanics so inexpensive?

Mobile auto repair is a service provided by mechanics who may be able to provide lower-cost car maintenance.

This is because they have no overhead costs connected with running or owning a garage. However, garage operators must incur operating expenses, which are passed on to consumers when they pay for car repairs.

A cheap mobile mechanic is not terrible; their charges are reduced because they do not have to pay for the upkeep of a garage.

Just because a cheap mobile mechanic has low prices does not indicate that they are untrustworthy!

A London mobile mechanic may be able to assist you if you need a cheap garage near me.

What are the benefits of mobile vehicle repair in London?

When you’re in a jam, a mobile car mechanic service can come in handy. A 24-hour mobile mechanic can come to you day or night to repair it when you need it the most.

They will frequently possess a van and drive to where your automobile is parked to conduct the repair work because they will have all the necessary tools and materials.

Many problems in a car can be caused by minor difficulties and can be addressed without the need for new parts or a complete team of experts, so that a mobile auto repair service can cover a wide range of services.

Even if you anticipate significant work is required, you can use a mobile vehicle diagnostic to check the damage before taking it to a garage for repair.

If your automobile breaks down and you have it towed to a garage, you must pay for the car to be towed to the garage.

If you discover a mobile mechanic near you, they will come to your car and complete all the necessary repairs there, saving you money!

Mobile vehicle diagnostic jobs are perfect because you won’t have to worry about bringing your car to a garage if it won’t start.

Problems with mobile mechanics in London?

One of the concerns people have about mobile mechanics is that they will show up, do some work, and then go, only for the car to break down again and for there to be no trace of the mobile mechanic.

SP88 has a rating system that highlights the best garages and mobile mechanics. Drivers write reviews. Thus, any mechanic that engages in unethical tactics will receive a negative score.

It is critical to research mobile mechanics, which is why we make all of their information available once you have received quotations.

You may learn more about their services by visiting their profile or calling them directly.

Some mobile mechanics will be insured against potential losses and provide warranties that protect against malpractice.

What are the limitations of London’s mobile mechanics?

The benefits of employing a mobile mechanic are evident, but there are restrictions when servicing a car without a properly equipped garage.

Specific jobs will be impossible for a mobile mechanic to execute since the necessary labour and tools will not be available.

Finding a mobile auto electrician or mechanic is not always easy, which is why we made the procedure as simple as possible.

We collaborate with a network of 16,938 mechanics and garages around the UK to provide you with the top local London mobile mechanics.

Enter your vehicle’s licence plate number.

Please provide us with some information about your vehicle and your needs.

We’ll bring you a variety of quotations from London mobile mechanics and garages.

Before booking online, you may compare the estimates and read reviews from past customers to discover the best London mobile mechanic offer in your region.
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