Dash Camera Installation in Tooting

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Dash Camera Installation in Tooting with sp88, serving areas nearby in London and Sutton.

Dash Camera Installation in Tooting with SP88. So that you do not miss out on important video footage when an accident occurs. At SP88, we offer a Mobile Dash Cam fitting service. Whether you’ve been a previous victim of someone damaging your car and walking away. You don’t have to worry about that anymore; our dashcam fitting provides you with proof of any wrongdoing. We have fitted dashcams to many vehicles. Best of all, we do not only set up dash camera fitting, but we also have a reversing camera solution. While fitting a dash camera, why not have a reversing camera at the same time?

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Having a Dash Cam fitting, is certainly easier than trying to find an eyewitness should something happen to your vehicle. The dash cam can be wired to be on all the time. As an auto electrical service, we can only recommend wiring the dashcam in this way if you have a decent car battery fitted, you use the vehicle regularly and have a mini jump starter.

That being said some Dash cams can monitor the battery voltage and will turn off if it finds  the battery voltage falling significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Do I Need Before I Have A Dash Cam Fitted?

Firstly, when considering a dash cam, it’s a good idea to also buy the hardware kit. Consider the rear camera option also, double the protection as well as having a reversing camera. Two accessories in one.

2. Why Should A Dash Cam Be Professionally Fitted?

  • No dangling wires, 95% of the wiring can be out of sight.
  • Your 12v socket stays free for phone charging etc.
  • Always recording, no risk of lost recordings.

3. How Long Does It Take To Fit A Dash Cam?

A dash camera can usually be fitted within 30 minutes. However, if you choose the Next base front and rear dash cam it could take more time, usually 1.5 hours.

4. How Do Dash Cam get Their Power?

We always hardware the dashcam to your car’s ignition live power circuit, and the cam has a small battery that keeps recording even after you have turned off the car.

5. How Do I Find Dashcam Fitted Near Me?

SP88 offers Dashcam fitting service based in Sutton, serving areas nearby in London and Sutton. If you live around these areas, you can easily get your Dash camera fitting for a great price.

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