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You have found a vehicle diagnostic service by SP88 Auto Electrician & Mobile Mechanic.

First of all, we are glad you found us:

SP88 Auto Electrician & Mobile Mechanic. With over 15+ years of experience and having serviced the London and Surrey region for more than 13 years, SP88 has become one of London and Surrey’s best Auto Electrician & Mobile Mechanic services.

We continue to bring the best possible service by keeping up to date with the latest technologies and growing our business.

Our fee for our diagnostic services: The call-out fee is £70. The call-out charge applies for any attendance of our technician.

Can we 100% fix your fault quickly?

No. There’s an unfortunate reason why we are not able to fix all faults. There’s a limit to access to the wiring diagrams, diagnostic machines, and repair manuals that we may need but don’t have access to dig deep into the most difficult vehicular faults.

On Monday the 2nd of August 2021, this is the price guide for our Mobile Auto Electricians services and Mobile Mechanic services:

1) A Call-out fee: £70.

2) Diagnostics fault with guidance towards a correct repair: £70

3) Found it Fixed it. If we fix your fault: £100 if fixed within the 1 hour.

4) If you fix your fault within 2 hours: £150

5) If you fix your faults within 3 hours: £200

6) The cost of parts may carry a handling fee. Etc fetching parts on same day repairs.

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