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You have found an airbag repair service in Banstead, and we come to you at home or work to diagnose faults with your airbag (SRS) and more. Get in touch today. We will come to your place for airbag repair in Banstead.

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Please read our brief guide for information on costs, symptoms, and other reasons why your Airbags may need to be repaired.

What exactly is an SRS  (Airbag) Fault Diagnostic procedure?

In the event of a malfunction in the SRS (Airbags aka Supplemental Restraint System), a warning light will illuminate on the instrument panel. We must connect our diagnostic software to find out what Airbag repair is required.

What causes the SRS (Airbags) warning light to illuminate?

When the ignition is turned on, the SRS (Airbags) control unit (ECU) checks for communication with all airbag units throughout the vehicle and the trigger mechanism and seat belt tensioners, among other components. It will be extinguished if all components report no fault.

Nonetheless, if the return signal from one of the units is not received, or if the unit gets information outside of the predicted range, the light will continue to illuminate.

What are some of the possible causes of an SRS (Airbags) warning light to illuminate?

SRS (Airbags) ECUs can receive a broad variety of error codes, the number of which varies depending on the car being used and its make and model. The following are a few of the most common ones that can set it off.

The clock spring in the steering wheel is the ribbon device behind the steering wheel and includes the wires that connect to the driver’s airbag. They work in the same way as a clock spring, winding and unwinding as the steering wheel revolves. While initially flexible, they can become brittle and shatter over a period of time.

Under the front seats, there is a connector block that connects the wires from the SRS (Airbags) components in the seats to the vehicle’s wiring loom, which is located under the seat connection. These must be adaptable since the seat must be adjusted to the occupant’s position. In addition, they can become loose with time, particularly in three-door vehicles when the seat is pushed forward to provide access for the rear passengers to the back seat.

What can I do to avoid problems with the SRS (Airbags) system in the future?

However, while little can be done to prevent ordinary wear and tear or component age, a few things can be done to avoid some concerns.

Keep the area behind the front seats free of clutter. This garbage can become trapped under the seats and cause the seat connectors to become loose.

Moving the front seats for positioning should be done gradually rather than pushing them forward and back.

Consider folding the seats carefully if you have a three-door vehicle with seats that fold forward to give access for the back passengers to the vehicle.

What is the frequency of SRS (Airbags) failures?

Issues are more common as people become older, but as cars become more complex and have more and more airbags, there are indeed more issues to deal with.

What happens during an SRS (Airbags) Fault Diagnostic is described below.

The mechanic will connect to the SRS (Airbags) system through the diagnostic port on your vehicle’s dashboard.

They will then perform a search for the error code on the system.

As soon as a list of the codes has been found and recorded, the codes will be cleared, and the test will be repeated.

The remaining error codes will then be used to determine the following line of action to be taken.

If there are communication error codes, the mechanic will attempt to resolve the problem by checking the connections.

If the connections are OK, the mechanic will provide you with a price for the necessary repairs.

If the SRS (Airbags) light remains off after the codes have been cleared, it is possible that the defect was a momentary one that did not necessitate the need for further action.

An SRS (Airbags) Fault Diagnostic will cost you a certain amount of money.

The cost of an SRS (Airbags) Fault Diagnostic is determined by the vehicle and the location. Find out how much money you may save by having a diagnostic test performed by SP88!

We repair and fix airbags in Banstead.

Banstead is a town in the English county of Surrey. It’s around 18.6 miles southwest of London. Runnymede is the administrative centre of the Runnymede Borough, and it is also the largest settlement within the borough. We will come to you for airbag repair in Banstead.

Why is your airbag warning light a safety problem?

Suppose your airbag warning light is on. The airbag may not deploy in the event of an accident. Your vehicle may fail (should fail) if your airbag warning light stays on whilst the engine is running. Get in touch if your airbag (SRS) warning light is on whilst the engine is running. We come to you.

What is the importance of airbags?

An airbag aims to protect people from injury by cushioning or preventing contact with the vehicle’s interior. Also, an airbag is a huge nylon bag that rapidly inflates and deflates in the event of a severe collision.

Why would an airbag need replacing?

The airbag igniter which is like the igniter for any explosive device has a safe life span. As a result, your vehicle manufacture usually recommends your airbags be replaced after a decade or 15 years to ensure effective operation.

What is the life of an airbag?

10 to 15 years

Airbags are generally thought to last for 10-15 years without causing problems in the industry. This is because the many sensors and systems that detect a collision and trigger airbag deployment are solid-state electronics monitored every time you switch on the ignition.

Trust SP88 for airbag repair in Banstead.

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