Parking sensors fitted in Thornton Heath

Are you in need of a high-quality, attention-to-detail, friendly and mobile professional? We come to you to supply and fit parking sensors near Sutton in Surrey and London. You can trust us SP88 to use the high-quality ParkSafe PS540 intelligent parking sensors. They also come with a three-year manufacturer's warranty. In addition, our auto electrician will come to your place for Parking sensors fitted in Thornton Heath.

SP88 fits Parksafe PS540 parking sensors

Parking Sensors fitted in Thornton Heath.

Why install Parking Sensors?

Parking sensors can assist you regardless of your level of experience or skill. When parking sensors are installed in your vehicle, the chances of colliding with something while manoeuvring are greatly reduced.

Looks factory fitted.

SP88 provides a mobile service. We offer a cost-effective and dependable parking sensor installation service. This way, you can manoeuvre safely, knowing that your vehicle is equipped with parking sensors that assist you in detecting difficult-to-see obstacles in the front and/or rear. Therefore, if you live in the nearby area of Sutton, Surrey and require the installation of a parking sensor kit, we are here to assist you. Our expert auto electrician will come to your place for Parking sensors fitted in Thornton Heath.


Our installations come with a one-year labour warranty. Parksafe, on the other hand, offers a three-year warranty on the parking sensor kit.

Trust SP88 to provide and install ParkSafe PS540 Intelligent system parking sensors, a kit that with work reliably past its warranty. We will come to you for Parking sensors fitted in Thornton Heath.

Parking Sensor Fitted in Thornton Heath

We make our way to you!

We come to you, whether you're at home or in the office.
Over the past seven years, we've been using Parksafe PS540 parking sensors, and you can trust us to install them.
Our wiring is almost undetectable when installed.

Regardless of your degree of expertise or experience, parking sensors can be helpful to you.
If your car has parking sensors fitted, the risk of crashing into something is considerably reduced. Our expert will come to your place for Parking sensors fitted in Thornton Heath.

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How Do Parking Sensors Work?

 Ultrasonic parking sensors use high-frequency sound waves to detect objects. These sensors emit low-frequency acoustic pulses that report reflected sound off nearby objects to a control unit. The controller calculates the distance from your vehicle to the thing. The system then warns the driver via an audible alarm. Rear parking sensors require a working Reverse light, and if that’s going to be a problem, our Auto electrician is ready.

How Do We Fit Our Parking Sensors?

We rarely remove any bumpers. Instead, we mark where the sensors will function well and be symmetrically and aesthetically pleasing. Four holes are drilled in your bumper with a special drill bit for accuracy. The wiring for the sensors is neatly hidden behind the bumper and feeds into the vehicle. An audible buzzer is fitted in a location so it can be easily heard but not on display. Finally, we take power from the reverse lights or an ignition feed for the front. Our final work is neat, and you won’t see any wiring. Our auto electrician will come to your place for Parking sensors fitted in London. Why install Parking Sensors? No matter your experience or skill, there are blind spots you may miss while driving, especially in tight areas. You may find it challenging to manoeuvre in a tight space without hitting something.

How Long Will It Take To Fit Parking Sensors?

Approximately 1.5 hours for rear parking sensors and 4 to 4.5 hours to fit front and rear parking sensors. We will not rush the procedure, the wiring will be tidy, and we will hide all components to complement the factory finish look. Our expert will come to your place for Parking sensors fitted in Thornton Heath.

Can parking sensors affect your insurance rates?

As you may or may not know, you must inform your car insurance company of any new or existing modifications that you have installed on your vehicle so that they can reassess your premium rates. Fortunately for parking sensor’ users, the price you pay out for the system actually may have a better long-term effect on your vehicle’s insurance rates. On average, insurance premiums have been lowered by 13% for drivers with a fitted parking sensor. Trust SP88 for parking sensors fitted in Thornton Heath.

Should parking sensors replace your judgment?

There’s no doubt in our minds that having a parking aid installed on your vehicle can make parking a much safer and easier option, yet it’s important to remember that they shouldn’t replace your judgment when driving. They’re simply parking aids, not replacements for your driving ability. So remember to use your mirrors, trust your decisions and drive safely. Our auto electrician will come to your place for Parking sensors fitted in Thornton Heath.

How can I tell if my parking sensors are faulty?

Put the car in reverse and listen to each sensor; if it's working properly, you should hear a very quiet ticking. If you find a sensor that isn't ticking but the others are, the sensor may be faulty. But don't jump to conclusions; you'll need an Auto Electrician to check if there's a wiring problem. Please contact us to discuss a repair or replacement kit. 

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Nicola O'Neill
Nicola O'Neill
So, I accidentally pulled the front of my Fiat 500 off after getting wedged on some concrete edging in a car park. Couldn't drive it due the the damage caused. Have never used a mobile service before so didnt know who to use. Found this co on a google search and am so pleased I did! Communication via email and WhatsApp kept me updated following the booking I made using the idiot proof online booking system. He turned up when he said he would and completed the repair swiftly! Have given his number to all my mates and will def use him again.
J. T.
J. T.
Hey front parking sensors fitted. They look good and everything works well. The gentleman game or to my place of work. Very professional.
Good job, looks and works well, friendly. Recommended.
Livio Piano
Livio Piano
I had Parking sensors installed by Shannon, great work and professionalism.
Timothy Stempt
Timothy Stempt
Shannon fixed my Airbag Fault on my audi A3, excellent work and very professional 👏
Terry Buckley
Terry Buckley
After a delay with the appointment due to unforseen circumstances. Shannon did a great job fitting my front & rear dashcam. Highly recommended.
Ruth Lovering
Ruth Lovering
Very knowledgeable and very pleasant to do business with. Did a thorough and professional job. Would definately use again and would recommend.

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