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Were you looking for How to jump start car battery solution? Let us tell you about our jump start car battery service in London. You may need a Jump start for a variety of reasons. A car battery can fail unexpectedly at any time, more so in the winter. we will come to you for Jump start service in London. Don't wait for tomorrow Book now!

Our technicians at SP88 can visit you parts of London to professionally jump start your car in few minutes. Let’s find out how and why!

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We are not just some guy turning up with portable jumps starters. Our expert can test your battery, aux drive belt, check your alternator charge output and starter motor function. Our auto electrician understands that a flat battery can be the biggest inconvenience so we aim to be with you within an hour. We carry a fully charged 12v jump starter, at all times. Trust SP88 for Jump start service in London.

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jump start car

6 Steps- How to jump start car

If you're fortunate (and take good care of your automobile), it's possible that you won't need to restart a car for many years. You'll be glad you know how to do it if you ever need to jump start your vehicle.

You can be stuck for hours if you don't know how. Don't allow this vital ability to slip your mind.

1. Park

Place the vehicles close together, but not in contact. Ensure that both cars are shut off entirely.

2. Prep

Locate the batteries by lifting the hoods. Verify that the jumper cables are untangled and unwound.

3. Attach

Connect the red (+) clamp to the dead battery's positive terminal. Next, connect the red (+) clamp to the functional battery's positive terminal. Attach the black (-) clamp to the active battery's negative terminal. Last but not least, fasten the leftover black (-) to a deceased car's unpainted metal surface.

4. Start ‘er up

start up the operational vehicle. Turn on the lifeless car.

5. Remove

Remove the cables in the reverse sequence that they were attached.

6. Let ‘er run

Allow the resurrected car engine to run for at least several minutes, or drive for at least 15 minutes if feasible.


If your car will not start, double-check your connections and try again. If the battery is beyond repair, please see the link below for assistance. Learn more about the jump start services provided by SP88.


If either car has an electronic ignition system or is alternatively fueled, using jumper cables may cause damage.


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