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Discover comprehensive Ford C Max servicing at SP88, your specialist in Ford diagnostics and repairs, including brakes, oil changes, diagnostics, and installations. Trust SP88 for expert care of your vehicle.

Ford C Max Service

Ford C Max Services Offered by SP88: Your Ford Specialist

SP88 is a trusted name in automotive care and maintenance, especially for Ford owners. With a deep expertise in handling all aspects of Ford vehicles, our services are designed to meet the specific needs of Ford C Max owners. From routine maintenance to advanced diagnostics and repairs, SP88 provides a full spectrum of services to keep your Ford in optimal condition.

Jump Start

When your Ford C Max refuses to start, it's often a simple battery issue. SP88 offers a quick and reliable jump start service to get you back on the road with minimal downtime. Whether at your home or stranded on the roadside, our team is ready to assist with professional jump-start services that ensure your vehicle starts smoothly and safely.

Car & Van Brakes Replacement

The braking system is crucial for the safety of any vehicle, including the Ford C Max. At SP88, we specialize in comprehensive brake replacement services for cars and vans. Our expert technicians use high-quality parts to ensure your brakes offer optimum performance and longevity. Regular brake checks and replacements are part of our commitment to your safety on the road.

Oil Change and Service

Regular oil changes are essential to keeping your Ford C Max running efficiently. SP88 provides thorough oil change services, including premium oils suited to your vehicle's specifications. This service also includes a general health check of your car to spot any potential issues early.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Are you considering buying a used Ford C Max? Let SP88 provide a detailed pre-purchase inspection to ensure that your potential new car is in top condition. Our comprehensive evaluations cover mechanical, safety, and cosmetic aspects, giving you peace of mind in your investment.

Clutch Replacement

A functional clutch is vital for the smooth operation of your Ford C Max. Our clutch replacement service ensures that your vehicle remains responsive and comfortable to drive. We replace worn or damaged clutches with top-quality parts backed by our expertise in Ford vehicles.

Diagnostic Inspection

SP88 excels in diagnostic inspections for various components of the Ford C Max. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools help pinpoint issues quickly and accurately, allowing for timely and precise repairs.

Car Battery Replacement

A reliable battery is the heart of your Ford C Max's electrical system. We offer professional battery replacement services to ensure your car starts reliably and powers all its electrical components effectively.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic

If your Ford C Max's check engine light comes on, it could indicate various issues. SP88 uses advanced diagnostic equipment to read fault codes and diagnose problems accurately, saving you time and money on unnecessary repairs.

ABS System Diagnostic

The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is essential for your safety. Our technicians provide expert diagnostics and repairs to maintain its effectiveness and ensure that it functions correctly when you need it most.

Airbag System Diagnostic

Airbags are critical for your protection in an accident. SP88 offers comprehensive diagnostics to check the health of your airbag system, ensuring all components are functional and will deploy effectively in a collision.

Parking Sensor Installation

Enhance your Ford C Max with parking sensors installed by our skilled technicians. This addition makes parking more accessible and safer, reducing the risk of bumps and scratches.

Dashcam Installation

SP88 provides professional dashcam installations for added security and peace of mind. A dashcam can offer crucial evidence in the event of an accident and help monitor the surroundings of your vehicle when parked.

Reversing Camera Installation

A reversing camera is an excellent aid for navigating tight spots. Our expert installation ensures that your Ford C Max has a high-quality reversing camera, improving your visibility and safety while reversing.

Car Audio Installation

Upgrade your Ford C Max's audio system with our professional installation services. Whether you're looking for an audio boost or a complete sound system overhaul, SP88 has the expertise to enhance your listening experience.

Car Window Tinting

Window tinting improves the aesthetics of your Ford C Max, increases privacy, and reduces UV exposure. Our professional tinting services ensure a sleek, bubble-free finish with high-quality materials.

Engine Misfire Diagnosis and Repair

Engine misfires can compromise the performance and fuel efficiency of your Ford C Max. Our team at SP88 can diagnose and repair misfires efficiently, restoring your engine's performance and ensuring smooth operation.

Clock Spring Replacement

The clock spring is a crucial component for the functionality of steering wheel-mounted controls and airbags. If you're experiencing issues, our clock spring replacement service ensures that everything from your horn to your cruise control works perfectly.

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