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free vehicle check contains over 25+ data points for vehicles registered in the UK

What is included in a Check car details?

A car check will provide you with information about a vehicle's history as recorded by the DVLA. You'll find charts and MOT history information like -

  1. Vehicle details - Make, model, year of registration.
  2. ULEZ Checker (Ultra Low Emission Zone) in London
  3. Vehicle road tax - including CO2 output, road tax costs/rates, and expiry date.
  4. MOT history, including advisory notes and causes of failure and current expiry date.
  5. The first registration date in the UK for imported vehicles will be the date of the import rather than the age of the vehicle.
  6. Engine CC size
  7. Fuel type (diesel/petrol/electric/hybrid)
  8. Vehicle type approval category
  9. Vehicle Weight
  10. Manufacturer year, excluding imported vans, cars, and motorcycles
  11. Issue date of the V5C registration document; DVLA provides the date of the latest V5C.


What you'll need to drive legally in the UK

To be able to drive in the UK, you must meet the following requirements.

A valid driving license

A full or provisional (for learners only) UK driving licence (GB). Please use GOV.UK's non-GB licence checker to see whether you may drive in the UK with your non-GB licence.

Have current Vehicle Tax

To tax your vehicle, you must possess either a new logbook or a V11 reminder. For further information, see Tax Your Vehicle. When the ownership of a vehicle changes, the tax is NOT transferrable. DVLA will automatically process any pending refunds.

Have a valid MOT

To check a car's MOT status, use our free basic checker. In addition, any accredited garage will perform an MOT test on a vehicle to ensure that it meets the road and environmental safety regulations. This is done every year after the vehicle's third anniversary of registration.

Have at least third-party automobile insurance.

Every vehicle must be driven by someone who has at least third-party insurance; this has been a legal requirement since the Road Traffic Act of 1930. Motor insurance protects you financially in the event of an accident and can also cover injuries to other drivers, pedestrians, and passengers in your vehicle. Go to the askMID website to see if your vehicle has proper insurance.

Check car details FAQs

Until you have completed a thorough car history check, you may never learn about a vehicle's secret past. We provide more information in our reports to assist you in choosing a used car, such as

Any Financial Obligations?

The lending firm and the terms are detailed.
Insurance Wrong Way

You will learn the loss kind and accident date from this.
Salvage Report

Details, including damage, a description, and images, are included if the car was seen at a salvage auction.
Lost Check

A police marker indicates if the car is actually stolen or whether it has been stolen before and been found. Keep in mind that it is against the law to operate a stolen vehicle.

MOT history, VIN check, plate changes, logbook, prior keeper count, import/export, mileage report, and important vehicle performance and emission parameters are further helpful car information.

Enter your vehicle registration on our free check page to determine a vehicle's tax and MOT expiry date. You'll see the expiry dates as well as how many days are left! even calculated how much tax will be due over the next 12 or 6 months. car check is free for all vehicles registered in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. You only need a vehicle registration number to conduct a free vehicle enquiry.

When purchasing a used car, a car inspection is required. The DVLA can provide some vehicle history. However, it can only offer MOT history, tax information, and basic vehicle information such as colour, make, and model.

Thousands of clients use our car check to verify whether there is any outstanding loan on a vehicle, if it has been stolen or written off by insurance and for salvage/auction history information.

Did you know that in 2020 alone, 74,769 vehicles were stolen? Unfortunately, a car check will only reveal a stolen vehicle or a police marker on a vehicle.

One in every three vehicles encountered problems during their last MOT.
One out of every ten vehicles has a salvage/auction history.
1 of every 63 vehicles has a mileage discrepancy.
In the past, one out of every eight cars was written off.


Benefits of a Complete Vehicle Inspection

Making sure your car is roadworthy requires regular vehicle inspection. Your car must be inspected annually, which is essential to maintain compliance with New York state vehicle laws. Utilise vehicle inspection and emission facilities since you may spot any potential issues with your automobile before they worsen over time.

check vehicle status car inspections

The following 9 arguments support using a pre-purchase car inspection:


Damage/Problem Identification.

The best way to learn about any problems or previous damage to the car is to perform a complete check. Most of the time, you cannot determine if there is a problem with the car just by looking at it. It is illegal for a private seller or a dealer to disclose past damage or wear and tear on a vehicle. You need an inspection report to determine the true condition of the car.

Total Car Inspection Brings Comfort

As unbelievable as it may seem, peace of mind comes with a car inspection. You can safely proceed and close the sale without worrying about any unforeseen troubles when you know you have done your research and are comfortable that there are no faults with the car. You ought to have a reliable vehicle that you can use to get around without worrying about it breaking down. There is no better method to do that than a preliminary vehicle inspection.

Verify the history of the owners.

The vehicle's ownership history is another crucial piece of information you may learn from a thorough automobile inspection report. They are finding out how many owners a specific car has, which wouldn't hurt. How long each owner had it, and the places they drove it. With this knowledge, you are better prepared and able to assess the car's depreciation and life expectancy.

Verification of Mileage

Any car's mileage is a crucial factor in determining its actual age. Regrettably, mileage tempering happens frequently. It generally is if the mileage seems too good to be true after inspecting the car's condition and odometer. Verify it for errors by performing a thorough vehicle inspection. Even though tampering with the odometer is prohibited, many vendors do it to raise the car's value. You can tell if it has been tampered with by looking for mileage listings on the auto history record. Usually, mileage is noted when an automobile is registered and when it is being serviced.

Respect for regulations

Your used automobile in the UK must abide by several rules, such as safety and emissions requirements. By performing a vehicle safety inspection, you can quickly and easily identify potentially dangerous flaws or concerns with the car. Before legally driving the car, it must also pass emissions testing. A vehicle history report will give you more information about that. Additionally, emissions data provides insight into the car's environmental impact.

Increases the durability of your car.

One of the significant advantages is having your car inspected, which increases its longevity. Any minor faults that need to be rectified before they become serious concerns can be found during the safety inspections. The long-term savings from arranging annual inspections are also substantial.

Increasing fuel efficiency.

Utilizing car inspection facilities is also recommended because emissions testing enhances air quality and fuel efficiency. In addition, a professional examination can identify problems with your car's fuel efficiency, saving you money on gas. Over time, these financial savings mount up.

More irregularFailures

Being trapped on the side of the road is even worse. A vehicle inspection portal is an excellent tool for maintaining your vehicle's performance and reducing the risk of a breakdown. In addition, having the flexibility to drive to another city without continuously worrying about your car's dependability will give you peace of mind.

Increasing fuel efficiency.

Utilizing car inspection facilities is also recommended because emissions testing enhances air quality and fuel efficiency. In addition, a professional examination can identify problems with your car's fuel efficiency, saving you money on gas. Over time, these financial savings mount up.

Lowball insurance costs

You are being involved in an accident versus avoiding one when operating a defective car. You lose valuable seconds of reaction time due to worn-out tyres, damaged wipers, or malfunctioning brake lights. One strategy to lower the probability that issues will arise while driving on the road is regularly having your car inspected. Being proactive is a great strategy to stay safe and reduce insurance costs because you won't cause any accidents.

Last Words

You want a pre-owned vehicle that is flawless and that you can use with complete assurance. Unfortunately, you can find yourself trapped on the road without knowing what to do if you are unaware of the vehicle's history or issues. You can purchase a thorough car inspection report from Car Analytics to avoid these hassles. Although having a piece of specific information will cost a little extra, it will ultimately save you trouble.

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