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Mobile Car Clutch Replacement

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Mobile Car Clutch Replacement

Are You Looking for Car Clutch Replacement?

Car Clutch Replacement with Sp88 Auto Electrician & Mobile mechanic we repair all types of clutch problems. As a rule we always replace the complete clutch, i.e. cover assembly, driven plate and release bearing. Whether your clutch pedal goes to the floor, is hard to get into gear, car is leaking fluid, car won’t move when you let the clutch out or the clutch is slipping whilst driving, book an appointment with SP88 and bring the garage service to your home.


Clutch Replacement Service With Sp88.

Car Clutch Replacement

SP88 is locally operated, and we pride ourselves on offering quality workmanship and exceptional customer service with a friendly attitude. We recommend as a rule to always replace the complete clutch, i.e. cover assembly, driven plate and release bearing.

Important guideline About Clutch Replacement Service Sp88.

Many people appreciate the responsiveness and control that a vehicle with a manual transmission offers. Using your skills to perfectly press the clutch in, move the shifter, and then release the clutch while the throttle is increased to get the vehicle in a position to start moving. Then, each time you want to shift, you must work with the gas and clutch while also steering and shifting. It is something some individuals love, with many of those individuals choosing to only own manual vehicles.

However, clutch problems do happen, and it’s important to be aware of what to look for when they do.

As the link between the engine and transmission, the clutch is responsible for transferring the engine’s torque to the road. The service life of this wearing part depends on a variety of factors – among others the driver’s shifting characteristics. A worn or defective clutch cannot be repaired, but has to be replaced at a specialist workshop.

How Much Is It to Replace A Clutch?

A clutch replacement can cost from £500 to £1200 on the majority of vehicles we see, but it largely depends on the make and model of the car. For 4WD’s, performance vehicles and other unique cars. Replacing a clutch often requires a few hours labour. as it can take a while to disassemble all the clutch components and replace it. However, as clutches are reasonably sturdy, you’ll only need to replace one about every 200,000 kilometers, which equates to roughly once over the lifetime of the car.




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