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Jump start car battery service

Jumpstart car battery service with Sp88- Many people drive less due to the pandemic, often leaving their car parked for days or even weeks. As a car sits, the battery drains. This is especially true for relatively new vehicles with various electronic systems that consume energy even when parked. Consequently, many motorists have needed a jump-start recently. Jump-starting a car used to be a simple affair, but since cars have become more complex, there are new risks, and you should be cautious if you jump-start on your own. Plus, you might want to think twice about asking a stranger for help.


Jumpstart the battery using jumper cables and another vehicle.

“When a vehicle battery dies, the most common solution is to jump-start the battery using jumper cables and another vehicle. However, if proper steps are not taken, there is no guarantee this method won’t cause damage to the vehicle.”

So to help you out of such gruelling situations, here are some ways to jump-start your car:

  • Ensure that vehicle battery and battery for jump-starting have the same declared voltage (say 12V)
  • Turn off all electrical loads, check vehicles – no part should be touching each other, and gear should be in the neutral position.
  • Vehicles should have the same terminal earthed; if not, refer to manufacturers’ instructions. Also, make sure that cables are not frayed or damaged.

We offer to jump-start car battery service at the lowest cost possible.

Of course, this is something that we offer twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Unlike our competitors, we are always available, dependable, and provide low-cost services that will not break the bank. For example, if you’ve tried to turn on your automobile, but the engine won’t turn over, there is a good chance that you’re dealing with a dead battery. This could be the battery itself or an internal problem. Our technicians know how to diagnose the problem and discover the actual cause very quickly. After they’ve inspected your automobile and have found the actual reason, they’ll formulate a plan to remedy your problem right away.


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