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Sunshine Fly 2pcs Door Entry Lighting Car Door Lighting Logo Laser Projector Door Projection LED Welcome Lights


About this item

Welcome door entry lighting light car door projection lights for F-TYPE (X152) 2013-2020, XE 2015 – 2020, XEL 2019. The lens can be rotated 360°, so you can adjust the rings perfectly.

Original standard production car built CANBUS, do not interfere with travel computers and automotive electronics. Car specific interface, no exposed lead. Patents, high reliability, long life and high efficiency.

This door lighting entry lighting logo has been specially made for home use modification enthusiasts; This product aims to give motorists more driving pleasure and enhance the car’s decorative purposes;

This welcome light without drilling, without NEW wiring, without dismantling, without damaging the vehicle, displaying a projection lamp or pattern on the floor in the open door of a vehicle, turns off automatically after the door is closed.

Easy installation, just close the original car door lights can be positive and negative.

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