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Glart 443TPO 3 Super Absorbent Microfibre Thick Plush Cloths 40 x 40 cm, for Car Drying, Detailing, Polishing, Cleaning, Wash, Anthracite


About this item

Perfect for car care as microfibre car drying cloth and car polishing cloth; excellent car care, paint polish & streak-free drying; car detailing and professional car preparation through perfect polishing without holograms

You can apply wax, polish, varnish cleaner and polish it out lint-free. Brings a deep shine and lets paint, interior and cockpit shine clean again – for car drying, car care and cleaning

Brings car, motorcycle, boat, bicycle back to high gloss without fluff and lint – better than cotton car cloths and other car cleaning cloths or rags; with satin edge work streak-free without scratches with this car care set

Super fluffy high pile make the microfibre cloth the standard car cleaning cloth or rim cleaning cloth – no matter if you want to dry windows, polish the car or clean the interior.

Creates shine especially when cleaning dark car paint in black, blue, grey, and cleans the cockpit like a magnet (washable up to 60 degrees C). Composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide

Also in the household: cleaning, tidying, washing, leather – the microfibre cloths work as polishing and drying cloths for dishes, glasses and stainless steel.

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