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Alien Spirit Scent | Vehicle Fragrance | For Her


About this item

? Cosmic Fragrance – Totally out of this world. Stand out with this much loved perfume. An oaky floral fragrance mixed with Jasmine and White Amber tones. Truly extra-terrestrial!

? Elegant By Design – Our prismatic glass fresheners are carefully crafted and secured by wooden heads that are built to last, protecting your car from unwanted and smelly odors.

? Easy-To-Use – Simply unscrew the lid and remove the plastic cork to activate the scent. Screw the lid securely back on to avoid leaks & gently shake the bottle for the full aroma.

? Long-Lasting – To reactivate the scent, repeat the screw ‘n’ shake method, to refill your car with our inter-galactic, jasmine & white amber fragrance. Change Carfume every 6 weeks for maximum freshness.

? Drive Happy – Born in 2019, Carfume aims to enhance your adventures wherever the road takes you. Set the mood – pick a route, prepare the tunes and choose our mood-boosting freshener for the perfect travel companion.

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