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Car Gods Ultimum Perfectum Luxury Interior & Exterior Car Detailing Kit - 8 Piece Set With Bag Included


PRE-CLEANS AND DECONTAMINATES: With Ares Fall Out Eliminator, protect your vehicle of contaminants by targeting stubborn invisible ferrous deposits within minutes.

PREPARE YOUR BODYWORK: Give your vehicle a thorough clean using Proteus Pure Shampoo, a unique pH Neutral formulation that effectively breaks down caked in dirt and grime, leaving a streak-free spotless bodywork worthy of worship.

PROTECT AND RESTORE: Athena Diamond Carnauba wax is a long term beauty treatment designed for all types of gloss paintwork including metallic and pearlescent finishes. Lock in that instant mirror shine with Aphrodite Speed Shine Detailer, simply spray on and wipe off to keep that fresh waxed look for longer.

MAKE YOUR TYRES LOOK BRAND NEW: Remove baked on brake dust, dirt and road grime with Hermes Wheel Protection Cleaner, the powerful pH Neutral Wheel Cleaner clings to the wheel and changes colour as it dissolves and lifts the dirt away. Follow up with Nyx Black Angel Tyre Serum, providing optimum protection that lasts whatever the weather.

PRESERVE AND TREAT YOUR INTERIOR: Aether Interior Detailer will remove dirt and grease from dashboards, windows and plastic trim. Quickly remove dirt, grease, tobacco deposits and finger marks inside or out with Zeus Glass Perfection and leave a sparkling streak-free finish.

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